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  1. The 430 Cup suspension, believe it is 3-way adjustable ? Does it have a setting for “comfortable use on rubbish UK roads” ?
  2. Interesting! I need to drive the 340R since its recommission. my previous 350 Exige was one of, if not the, best drivers’ cars i have ever driven.
  3. Thanks @jep I had a superb Sport 350 which was one of the best in the UK (in my biased opinion!). just felt like maybe the 430 is the halo exige, so potentially thinking of selling my 340R to make space for one!
  4. Did anyone see the 430 Cup FE that was up for £90k ? I’m thinking of getting another V6 Exige, but just trying to figure out if the 430 FE is worth the premium.
  5. @SW_Mike mine was advertised on Pistonheads and I had mentioned it on the S3 Exige FaceBook group… but admittedly it was up for £60k ! The various bits on the car could have been stripped off to recoup £10k easy. Sold within 2 days so I guess it must have been too cheap!!
  6. Sold my car recently, it had <4k miles and more than £10k of choice upgrades (no engine/powertrain mods), for not much more. Personally, I think £50k sounds like toppy money for the mileage, and I’d be tempted to wait for something else. that said, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a car with 24k miles for the right price.
  7. Bought an Alpine A110 a few weeks back. I can get in/out of it much easier and the suspension is absolutely perfect for our rubbish roads. Clearly not comparable to the drama, precision and thrill of the Exige. But I feel like I’m getting too old to fumble in/out of the Exige! Paul, I still remember how confident I was buying the car from you without even seeing it myself. You are my inspiration for how to look after and ‘tweak’ cars!!
  8. With a slightly heavy heart, just wanted to close out my contribution to this thread. I was very lucky to have bought this exceptional example from @MrP_, cherished it and tried to carry on his great work. The car was passed on to its new owner today, who was absolutely smitten by it. I had actually just installed a set of Nitron 3-way dampers with new springs, to try and finalise the tweaks during my ownership. The suspension was installed by Bell & Colvill, but I never had a chance to even drive it due to a combination of family stuff, work travel, etc. The new owner met me at B&C today to collect the car, and was grinning from ear to ear when he saw it. I went out for one last drive (as a passenger) and was reminded what an incredible car it is. Thanks to everyone on TLF for all the great comments and advice. I will treasure the time I had with the car, and still think it is one of (if not!) the best driver’s cars I’ve ever owned. the new owner sent me the following message when he got home, which perhaps sums it up perfectly… ”…Well….what can I say? I’m totally speechless. I’ve clearly forgotten what’s it’s like to be FULLY in control of a sports car. The feel. The noise. Those nitrons have completed it in my opinion! It’s just mind blowing…” Enough said.
  9. Thanks so much for the reply @Maxi_z! Congratulations on the purchase. My car was delivered back to me after the mechanical refresh, but I haven’t been able to drive it yet (salty/wet roads). can’t wait to try it, I did try the prodimex in situ and it was amazing. next mission is the interior. I’ve seen someone else wrapped the interior instead of repainting it, and I think that is what I will try to do.
  10. To balance a few of the views above…. I only really use my car for road use (haven’t tracked it and not planning to). Mine is a 350 and I have driven the 350/380/410. The 410 definitely felt quicker but the 350 is more than enough for my needs/skills. Aside from bragging rights in the pub, I definitely don’t need anything else in terms of power. If I can drive the 350 at 5/10ths, I would guess I’d only manage 4/10ths in the 410. the one thing I did miss in the 350 was noise, and I addressed that by replacing the exhaust muffler and downpipe with the parts from a 410/380 which were a plug-&-play enhancement. In terms of budget, I could have purchased a 410 but just happened to stumble across a lovely 350 and have not looked back. I would love to own a 430 (for bragging rights!!) but can’t say I feel the urge to swap for a 410. Not trying to provoke any arguments, just providing another point of view. in fairness, this probably says more about my skills as a driver than anything about the cars!
  11. I’m not necessarily committed to selling and lost out on the other car I was bidding on! Just had 3-way Nitrons fitted and can’t wait to try the car with the new suspension. I’ve tried to keep the mods as respectful as the original enhancements that @MrP_ had carried out!
  12. No problem and I totally understand the desire for a more shouty colour ! Sadly I wasn’t cool enough to carry it off so preferred the stealthiness of the grey. I have an Emira on order too, but definitely think the Exige is a totally different proposition. Easily the best driver’s car I’ve ever had. And I suspect nothing will really compete with it.
  13. Sorry to resurrect the thread but I need to replace the battery in my Sport 350 and I’m toying with the idea of - regular replacement - lightweight lead acid - lithium tempted to avoid lithium unless there is a good enough reason. The existing battery (from new) is a “Platinum” branded one. The car is used occasionally for road use (no track use yet, or planned), and I usually keep it on a trickle charger. Any recommendations ? I recently bought an odyssey PC545 for my 340R which was highly recommended, but assume I need something bigger for the Exige ? Think i have seen some people have gone for the PC680.
  14. @dbo out of curiosity, did you ever get any interest to make up kits ?
  15. Fair enough. Will try to get the OEM shocks and springs. Hopefully new bushings will also help. have some 3-way nitrons about to be installed on the Exige hence just checking !
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