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  1. Thanks @MMCLeung, appreciate the info on the wheels. Not my car unfortunately. In the first week of Feb 2021, I approached Bell and Colvill to order a Sport220 in this spec. Empire Green with Tan Leather. The FE's were then announced and I managed to get a 240FE build slot instead. I ultimately ended up cancelling it (a decision is hugely regret). I've bored the forum with my story over on the main 240FE thread. I'm liking your 240FE spec. Heritage Racing Green was also my choice. Poly carb back glass seems to be rare. Also an option that I had ticked.
  2. @CocoPopsI'm quite sure that Silver Ultralights were also an option, possibly at no cost, on the Cup250 (pre FE). In May 2020 I configured this Sport 220 and photoshopped Silver Ultralights from the Cup configurator. @MMCLeungI like your thinking. Did you purchase the Ultralight wheels from Lotus as new parts? What is the spec of your 240FE?
  3. Did you ever get an answer to this? I've always thought a Sport 220 / 240 would look awesome with the Ultralight Forged (Cup) wheels.
  4. Hi Folks, I wanted to share this story, as a form of therapy for myself more than anything else. The Elise sparked my interest during the first UK lockdown in 2020 but I made a serious enquiry to Bell and Colvill in the first week of Feb 2021. We all knew that the Elise was on borrowed time and I was seriously considering ordering a new Sport 220. Jamie at B&C replied advising me that Lotus were making an announcement the following week and that he would send me the details as soon as the info was public. Pure coincidence re the timing of the FE models. As promised, Jamie sent me the details and I spent the day studying the announcement and watching Henry Catchpole’s video over and over. The following day I gave Jamie a call to discuss. I decided to proceed and paid my initial deposit. I was buzzing! I’d finally taken the plunge on buying my first brand new car. It was scary but exciting at the same time. However, as the days went by, the panic set in. The idea that I was treating myself (having always been so sensible with my cash) was turning into, “this is a selfish purchase”, “think about your young family”, “isn’t there something more appropriate for this money to go towards”. I also couldn’t settle on a spec that I really loved and wasn’t sure whether I would get the full new car experience that I wanted given the uncertainty that the pandemic brought. It was a big deal for me. A forever car, and I really wanted everything to be perfect. I cancelled the order knowing full well that there was a good chance I would later regret. But it seemed the only way to get rid of the cloud hanging over me at the time. After a week of boycotting YouTube and the configurator, I couldn’t help myself but to dip a toe back in the water. Naturally now the pressure was off, I had an epiphany re my dream spec. That was to match a Final Edition to the original 1995 Frankfurt Motorshow car. To bookend the Elise story so to speak. To torture myself further, I commissioned the below renders. Full Spec as follows; Racing Green (C21) Soft Top (Dark Green via Lotus Exclusive) Polycarbonate Backlight Glass Satin Anthracite Wheels (the wheels shown are black but that’s just because I used the press pictures as a base for the renders) Two Piece Drilled and Ventilated Brake Discs Trim Option 2 Alcantara Interior (all leather sections changed from black to cream via Lotus Exclusive) Bodycolour Interior Pack Alcantara Steering Wheel Floor Mats Alcantara Sills Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery Tour Dampers No Radio, Aircon, Sound Deadening or Carpets Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I wish I’d persevered. Jamie was fantastic and I should have just asked him for a bit of time. I’m certain that if I’d done so, I would have got the car and the experience that I so wanted. To end on a positive note, congrats to all of you who managed to grab one of these special cars. Enjoy in good health.
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