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  1. What are people's opinions and experiences of the Lotus extended warranty, £999 for a years cover? Are there better options out there or does it offer decent cover?
  2. The grey one which was up for sale at Caffyns.
  3. Many thanks for all the replies, have an Evora gt410 sport reserved, look forward to meeting some of you at a local meet.
  4. I was told the service sequence was A B A C with the C service being every 4 years and including a belt change, is this incorrect? As I'm on the lookout for a car at the moment I don't want to get confused when checking service history.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys very helpful, 👍.
  6. I am having a hard time choosing between these cars and getting a spirited test drive is very difficult. I wondered if anybody else had been in the same situation or driven both and would care to comment. Car would be a weekend fun car.
  7. Did this get rectified in newer cars or is it still prevalent in later editions?
  8. Looking at 410 Evora sport and gt410 sports but I have only recently become aware of them so have only been following the market for a short time. Most of the gt sports are up around the 66-67k mark and aren't selling so it seems and I wondered what price you would be happy to pay at the moment?
  9. Hello all, after many years driving Honda type r's i now find myself in a position where i can think about something a bit more exotic. I was always set on a 981 Cayman GT4 but came across the Evora 410 and thought maybe this is a better fit for me. My issue is i have owned my current Civic FK2 type r for nearly 8 years and still absolutely love it, it is a very capable car and it would be a big decision to part ways with it. I have had a quick drive in a 410GT sport and was slightly underwhelmed by it but it wasn't in the right enviroment to really enjoy the car so it hasn't put me off. I am doing lots of research and finding many positive reviews but i am still not sure which way to go especially as the Evora will cost me 40kish on top of the Civic. Whilst researching i found an Evora 400 laptime round the Nurburgring which was slower than the FK2 type r which makes no sense to me given the higher power to weight ratio and superior handling of the Lotus. So i'm on the fence guys but please feel free to talk me round, i really want it to be the right car, thanks Rich.
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