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  1. Need to replace my Elise S1 tyres on OEM AWI 5-spoke wheels - fronts are 185 55 15’s and rears are 205 50 16’s What are the best tyre options for summer road use?
  2. Thanks guys, very helpful and much appreciated - in the short term I'll replace the bulbs (I will look into LEDs in the medium term) - I can see that the warning light bulbs were Lotus parts number A082M6311 24V 3A bulbs - anyone know their non-Lotus part number? So I can what they look like - cheers, Jonathan
  3. Hi, Just getting the Esprit S3 n/a ready for its MOT and noticed that several of the dashboard warning light bulbs have gone (headlight full beam, parking brake, ignition/battery light etc) - is it an easy job to replace these bulbs, or is it a much more complex binnacle out job? Hoping for former, expecting the latter Thanks, any advice much appreciated, Jonathan
  4. Club Lotus North West are visiting Alston on Saturday morning this weekend - they usually have around 20 cars spread across Esprit's, Elise's, Evora and Elans (M100 and +2 and Sprints) as well as Excel/Éclat. If anyone fancies a run out - and the drive to Alston is excellent - would be great to have some NorthEast Lotus hospitality to show to fellow Lotus enthusiasts - the weather forecast looks ok so a good excuse to get the Lotus out and have a fabulous drive into the Northumberland countryside The northwesteners are arriving circa 11.30am in Alston, parking in the steam railway car park - think they are going on the 12.15 train - see you there if you can make it Jonathan
  5. Yes not the cheapest! They don't come in sizes that fit the fronts - they do 175 70 15 H rated, and 185 70 15 V rated but neither are within the suitable %age tolerance I'll try and take some photos over the weekend if it ever stops raining
  6. Tyres replaced were Goodyear NCT Eagle 5's on the front (195 60 15) and Goodyear NCT Eagles on the rear (235 60 15) - and an original totally unused spare Goodyear Grand Prix S from 1985. still had the little bobbles of rubber on the unused tread! Replacements were Vredestein Sportrac 5's for the spare and fronts (same sizes exactly as standard tyres), and some fantastic but pretty expensive Avon CR6ZZ 245 60 15's on the rear - they are road legal racing tyres produced for pre-1990 cars, fitted mostly to AC Cobras and Ford GT40's - they apparently wear out quite quickly and are fairly sticky but that suits me fine as I do low mileage and also love the period looks Jonathan
  7. Finally got around to fitting five new tyres whilst the car was in for its MOT - what a difference, I must have been driving on flat spotted 50p piece tyres! Just the Elise to find new tyres for now - Jonathan
  8. Looking at new front tyre options for my S3 - has anyone tried the Vredestein Sportrac 5? It's described as the successor to the Sportrac 3, again designed by Giugiaro. Vredestein aside, any thoughts on Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres, or Dunlop Sport BluResponse? Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Cheers Colin, thanks - saves me the job of searching around for one of many things to buy...... Jonathan
  10. Hi - I'm having trouble sourcing a replacement part, and hoped someone would be able to point me in the right direction...... The right angle coolant pipe adaptor that attaches the coolant overflow pipe to the header tank on my S3 n/a has disintegrated into several pieces - the overflow pipe itself is OK but could do with replacing too - I think the pipe is 5 16 pipe, but replacing the right angled adaptor has me stumped - does anyone know where I might be able to source a replacement? Many thanks, Jonathan
  11. My S3 has the recessed area which does work well - problem is I'm on my third plastic tailgate release handle - this time the cable is still there intact, but the thread of the handle has disintegrated - rather than buy a "new" (but 20 year old cable and handle) and have refitted, does anyone know where I can get myself a new handle on it's own ? Or does anyone know of a aluminium/stainless alternative handle ? Jonathan 85S3NA
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