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Evora 400 CUP?


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Hi All,

Can anyone shed on light on this car? 



  • "The only factory made Evora 400 CUP car in the United States"

Were there any more built? Looks to be a 400 IPS with a light motorsport prep (remove carpets, stereo, rear glass..)

The reason for my asking is I'm curious about if the gearbox map is standard or whether Lotus have a "motorsport" map for the IPS that I could try to get hold of. I really want to raise the gearbox speedlimit back upto >7000rpm. Also the aggressiveness of the rev limiter on the 400 IPS really impedes progress on track when you hit it hard, I can't imagine that this car would have left the factory in that condition if it was intended for racing?

kind regards,



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Interesting car though. Sold as non street legal in the US.. so someone race prepped a 400 IPS from new specifically for a customer. 

I think I'm going to ask Jubu if they can do anything with my IPS parameters alongside buying a tune from them. :)

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Ips is worst thing on a lotus for the track use, because of very long gear ratios. I have gt430 ips. Upshift and downshift are fast as double clutch but ratios are trash. Because of long ratios, using engine brake is not possible. Need to wait revs go down under 3k rpm for downshifting. 

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