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Community Answers

  1. This. Mention it, a lot.
  2. You can contact @internets and he's the ALDL cable man. Once you've got that, you can run Espritmon or Freescan and diagnose the fault. The other less sophisticated option is to use a paperclip in the ALDL socket and count the flashes of the CEL to find out the code.
  3. I thought the number was closer to half a million in total now.
  4. We've a whole section dedicated to this mate https://forums.thelotusforums.com/forum/85-ecufreescanespritmon/
  5. Lotus have plenty of each of those in stock, no supply issues at all I can add them to our shop if you'd like me to source them for you, or you can order them from parts.lotuscars.com or any Lotus dealer.
  6. One of them draws a lovely car, the other takes too many selfies
  7. Any range updates now the weather is more mild?
  8. That's dealing with the symptom rather than the problem. You may well have much better hearing than me but I've driven probably close to 100 Evoras over the last 14-15 years and other than the 400 I had on the concrete SW section of the M25, they've never been full of road noise.
  9. This the the exact wording from Lotus this morning... "Unfortunately, at the moment adding these packs after configuration is not available."
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