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Window Switches, cant find them anywhere

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I've actually got a pair of 1988-1996 electric window switches that I kept when I swapped to the later 1996 style interior. Are these still in demand or ten a penny?

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On 10/12/2017 at 02:15, Herbert said:

Has anyone found window switches that will work in a Stevens Esprit? I don't mind doing some modifications if necessary..


Knowing the last post was 6 months ago and probably solved. In an emergency, the fuel door switch is the same as the window switch. I had to trim the hole to mount a fuel door switch, used a Jaguar Series 3 window switch that I had, worked fine and all looked good 

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Time to re-open this 10 year old thread.

I've read through it from end to end and tried to locate the various GM numbers presented but to no avail.

Seems that these switches are really hard to locate now. Did anybody definitively find the right cars that they were fitted to and actually work in an S4 Esprit.

I've looked for Tigra, Calrton, Cavalier, various Opels and havent found anything. Makes it really difficult when you live on the other side of the World, but ebay is Worldwide if I only knew the exact search terminology. 

Old eBay links on this thread are long dead.

Can anybody throw up the exact year / make / model of cars that wore these switches.

I've found a couple of later ones that may fill the hole, but they have 4 wire leads on them. Like these:


These are Vauxall Vectra rear doors, maybe they work. Has anybody tried them?

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Searched and searched and the closest is close to home. Holden Commodore VN / VP / VR and VS models rear door switches. They look the goods but need you guys to compare the wires. Five wires in total, four in the plug and a single spade at the front. 

Going to try and find one and see if the internal mechanism will operate the windows properly.

VN-VS switch 3.jpg

VN-VS switch 5.jpg

VN-VS switch 7.jpg

VN-VS switch 2.jpg

VN-VS - VR switch 4.jpg

VN-VS switch 1.jpg

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Hi Robert,  I went thru exactly what you're going thru with my S4.  I went to my local Holden dealer and bought the commodore switch to replace a dodgy one.  Found that the led was a different colour so had to swap the old electronic internals over to the new commodore mechanism so that they matched - colour wise. A bit of effort involved but the commodore switch was cheap.  Then when I sold my car the other switch went intermittent, so ended up just buying new switches from SJ's in the UK (he still has stock).



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Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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Thanks Simon,
I looked on their website and the switches look sort of brown. I'd like a dark grey or even better a black as my interior is black and yellow. Did you get the Dunnydore ones to work as there seems to be an extra wire to deal with?

Holden ones not cheap though, and hard to locate even second hand.

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Looking back thru my records, I bought the commodore switches second hand.  I did get them to work, and used them for about 8 years, then they died.  Bought new ones from SJs when the car went up for sale. The one's from SJ's were the original factory colour - dark grey.  Sold my car to someone in Melbourne a year or so back.

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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