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Community Answers

  1. You’re in luck, I found one new clip, 12mm ID. PM me the address and I’ll post it next week.
  2. I use cruise all the time, the wife refuses to do so, that's her choice but I wouldn't buy a car without it, now. I fitted it to the Esprit too, what a huge relief that was for the poor old joints. Andy - you could probably retro-fit cruise to the VX220. Dan - I had a Hyundai rental car for 7 weeks in the US, that had radar cruise, and it was brilliant.
  3. A vote-winner. For Starmer, that is.
  4. If reports I read are true, the circuit doesn't suit the RB car, then it does go someway to explaining their comparatively lacklustre performances. No amount of bleating will remedy that. But as overtaking is about as easy as getting a GP's appointment, the race promises to be its usual procession. As I said before, the Monaco quali hour is probably the best show in town. My son follows the F2 and F3 too, and says they're usually a better watch than the F1!
  5. OK, once my legs are working again after yesterday’s under-Esprit, petrol-sodden excitement, I’ll have a look in the loft. Standby.
  6. As ever, the qualifying at Monaco was edge of the seat stuff! The race, on the other hand, promises to be the usual bore-fest, unless it rains. But they need to keep this race on the calendar, because it’s such a spectacular venue, unlike the mind-numbingly boring modern tracks. I’d move there in a heartbeat as soon as the wife wins the lottery.
  7. No, but I might have some in the garage somewhere. If I find any, how many do you need?
  8. “Auto Park” - faithfully reproduces the wife attempting to park.
  9. You’ll have to remove the pistons and measure them, it’s the only way to be sure.
  10. Anyone would think he’s the Messiah.
  11. I solved all this commuting nonsense by retiring.
  12. They must surely have to distract all those poor irate buggers waiting to charge up their battery from the last remaining charger that’s working.
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