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Lotus Exige Cup 380

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On 05/09/2018 at 17:26, Vipers said:

Hi Guys,

Hope this isn't breaking any rules putting this on here but I've decided to put my 380 Cup up for sale with Lotus Silverstone to free up some funds to hopefully buy my 'Forever Car' if such a think exists :)

Looking for around £80K if anyone interested, around 1000 miles, fully loaded as new, video below -



Fancy a brand new Ultima GTR with 545bhp as part ex ?  😇


Previously owned :Exige 380,  Exige 350,  Evora 400,  Exige V6S,  Esprit GT3,  2-11 SC,  Evora S,  Elite 501

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14 hours ago, DJW said:

Fancy a brand new Ultima GTR with 545bhp as part ex ?  😇


Nice, but there is only one car on my horizon at the moment 😃 

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20 hours ago, DJW said:

Go on, treat yourself ;)

I would but as previously mentioned @Chillidoggy has told me I need to buy a new watch and I take notice as he is from Margate and I don’t want my house burnt down 😂

actualy to be honest I couldn’t afford it, but it is bloody lovely 

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Good day all

Whilst this thread quite old, seems to be the best place to post something, though perhaps it could be covered elsewhere in which case apologies.

After a good amount of research and previous postponed attempts to jump into Lotus ownership for one reason or another, I believe, finally its all systems go and seriously thinking Exige 380 Cup. They dont come up very often on Pistonheads it seems. A 'sky-blue' one was for sale recently and a modified silver version up for sale presently. I missed out on the blue one (congrats to the lucky owner), and the silver isnt really my cup of tea. 

Im due a test-drive in what Im going to call a 'wasp' coloured version this weekend, having already tried a 410 Cup Final Edition a couple of weeks ago so whilst obviously down to personal preference, I wont ask which people think is better but are there any 380 cup owners on here with any advice / things to watch for? 

Seeing how rare they are - the Lotus dealer selling the blue one recently suggested they were selling the last 380 Cup produced at 39 of 39 yet 60 were planned and 20 more for international market - has anyone set up a registration to actually see how many are out there and running? 

I think the V6 powered 380 will offer a lovely raw alternative to the V12 Vantage in the garage so quite excited to join the Lotus brand. 


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I don’t think that there’s really too much to look out for on a 380 Cup - you get the upgrades that came with the 350 - single rear lights, exposed gear shift, various development benefits including improved shift cables etc (not an exhaustive list - you’ll get the full set if you Google) plus the 380 upgrades (sport and Cup) including forged wheels, 2 piece discs, bigger fuel tank, gearbox cooler, full noise exhaust, smaller sc pulley (I think) etc and then the Cup specifics on top.

Vs the latest 400 series cars (410/20/430) you obviously get the non-charge cooled engine and a few other details.

They’re great cars, although as you say, rare.

Vs other models I think it’s just about deciding your budget /  use profile / cosmetic preferences for a v6 and taking it from there.

I run a 380 Sport, which I love.

Enjoy 👍


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