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  1. My Original Jam shoes, that probably means you have to pay me to be on TLF. are you going to hold that against me? by the way shouldn't you be in bed?
  2. awesome, they will bury me a MOD, I still have my Parka somewhere and every The Jam record ever produced the originals not when they were reissued, including import, export and flexi discs (remember them). Thanks mate that is excellent, you should maybe advertise that a bit more. With my savings I am going to order a new Fred Perry tomorrow 😍
  3. funnily enough I have now set that up for all the cars
  4. they put it down as an advisory but there is absolutely no cracking or perishing!!
  5. Had this only last Friday, the week previous I had taken the Evora in for an MOT at the local Kwik Fit, used them for years for MOT's , know most of guys in there and never had a problem. On the way back I suddenly thought, we have had the wife's i3 for quite a while better check when its MOT is due. Got home checked and it had run out on the 29th Dec 🫣! Luckily we managed to get away with it!! Lucky really. Couldn't get it in the local Kwik Fit, so had to book it into the Lewisham branch, obvs it passed (emissions were a close run thing 😀) but they said she needed four new tyres (its only done 6k miles) due to the side walls cracking. Obviously this put Commander into a panic, so i said just drive home slowly and i will have a look. She got home, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tyres and I double checked this when it went in for its service, Monday just gone, with our local independent BMW specialist who we have used for 20 years, they confirmed absolutely nothing wrong with them. They are about £130 a tyre!!
  6. a brilliant idea, really badly executed and run by people who obviously have never heard of cashflow, they burnt through 100 million in 4 Months, one site had 4 Site Managers!
  7. in fact Exeter, no doubt one of the posh kids from the Uni, I get it when you have 113bhp and a BMW with actually no options at all apart from heated seats, jealously will always come out 😀
  8. actually a Ferrari California in this case. I mean who the f*7k turns up to a site meeting in one of them! I was for the record in my 2015 BMW 116d which is dented due to someone running over it when i left it outside a pub one night
  9. first case because of this second case, because I know the Main Contractor who has taken over the site and because we are never cheap but we do always do the job properly which people now seem to understand is cheaper in the long run. I never and i mean ever have the "can you knock off 5%" conversation, well i do but it is always "no" 😀
  10. The Housing Association are paying for it, including Homes England (i.e us lot) , so we will all have contributed twice. Strangely, I have had to do the same thing at a Grade 2 Listed Hospital in Maidstone a couple of weeks ago which has been converted into HA flats, the installation is absolutely appalling, I have given them a ballpark of a million quid to put it right. Some examples, no emergency lighting. AOV windows are not AOV's, all extract fans installed with no ducting, the basement where all the sub-mains come back to is shocking, all containment under sized, no containment whatsoever in the risers, no fire detection at all in basement where gas and electric comes in, they forgot to put the PV panels on the roof which is a planning condition, I wish i could post some pictures but I have had to sign a NDA!!
  11. in roof, they set all the battening out incorrectly so the panels are not actually fixed down to anything but the felt. Its a disgrace, obviously I am very happy about it all because we get paid to put it right on cost plus 😀 He is on site with his clip board, never trust anyone with a clip board
  12. nail and head mate, they have gone into administration
  13. Every house now needs scaffolding put back up, every roof now has to come off completely so the battening can be set out to take the solar panels correctly, its a big number and you will be pleased to know you will be paying for it as the site is 100% Housing Association and Homes England (your tax money) have put in millions
  14. Last week, I got called to a site that NHBC signed off, 120 odd houses, I have condemned every single one of them, the main concern was the solar panels which were incorrectly fitted to the point where I got hold of one of them and it slid off the roof and crashed into the garden (imagine if your kid was in that garden) , we found incorrect cable sizes on every house and a small fire had occurred in a car charger. All this had been signed off by the previous NICEIC registered contractor and checked by NHBC.
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