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    AudiTT, Esprit S4 and VX220
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  1. Hope it goes well! mine has been absolutely dry since I did this job! I was surprised - after the force required to insert the new seals into the transmission case! Kind Regards Paul
  2. Yes, in use on mine with no issues! kind Regards Paul
  3. I’ve got my Esprit back on the road, thanks to swift help from Ryan at this link:- https://ryanlinleyrestoration.co.uk/morgan-vdo-electronic-speedometers Obviously mine is an analogue speedo, but he is worth a first call whatever the technology involved. very professional, sensibly priced and good to deal with. Hope that helps someone else. Kind Regards Paul
  4. Do you remember the cost please? I’ll give em a ring on Monday. Kind Regards Paul
  5. Thanks, I’ve sent them and enquiry! kind Regards Paul
  6. Anyone know of a speedo repair firm they can recommend? Mine now displays 50mph even when car is stationary! Thanks all. Kind Regards Paul
  7. Brilliant - I’ve been looking for a clutch spring unit for some while and for much the same reason, but never managed to locate one! Jennie, my wife, also struggles with the clutch pedal loading. Keep us posted as to how you get on. kind regards Paul
  8. Hi Aaron yes, not too far away! The club Lotus valuation I have is 32k and this lines up with the Practical Classics price guide. So that’s what I am looking for. Kind Regards Paul
  9. Hi Bibs still no luck with logging in to this. wordpress critical error is all I get. kind Regards paul
  10. Can’t successfully login Bibs! im using my forums user name and password. kind Regards paul
  11. I’m struggling to add my Esprit to for sale section Bibs. I type it in but it’s disappeared by the time I come back to look. what am I doing wrong please? kind Regards Paul
  12. Sorry! Done that. kind Regards Paul
  13. A photo of the S4 might be a good idea! Sorry they are upside down!
  14. Madame tells me we are moving to the New Forest where I shall be lucky to buy a house never mind garages! so I need to sell my small collection of classics. They are:- Lotus esprit S4 - calypso Red and in lovely condition with a history of high maintenance by yours truly. Club Lotus valuation two years ago £30 k. Vauxhall VX220 turbo - Black, excellent condition. Currently advertised on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275399845208 Aston Martin Vantage V8 -black, beautiful condition. Currently advertised on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275405520989 All are kept at home near Southampton. txt me if interested. 07768986348 Kind Regards Paul G
  15. Thanks for that, yes I should have checked that and now I’ll crack on and do so! Kind Regards Paul Yes Giniw a reboot of the laptop resolved the problem! kind Regards Paul
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