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    Esprit S4s #16 (first in Norfolk Mustard)
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    Alunox manifold, thermostatic oil sandwich plate, Axminster alloy fuel tanks, alloy cabin bling, Hayward & Scott exhaust
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  1. I bought some of the bigger versions of those from SJ, do they not do those? An alternative might be P-clips like these perhaps? I've used these for other applications on my car. https://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk/A4_PClip_RbbrLnd.html
  2. That's depressing and more to the point makes me wish I'd bought one much, much sooner, not that I'd have had space to keep and run one had I bought all the way back then. Adjusted for inflation thats about £3250 today, but either way makes the real deal look like an absolute steal by comparison. That said I don't have any running costs for the model Back on topic the second pack of parts arrived a week or so ago so I've now assembed: A seat; the covering is actually soft touch and has a cushion under it, a nice bit of unexpected detail The inlet manifold and carbs have been fitted to the cylinder head I built in the last pack The gearbox and bellhousing - it's made of metal and quite weighty.
  3. In no particular order I spotted these today. - A pair of Lotus Carlton's - A red Emira and a yellow one doing Sporting Bears rides - I think I also clocked a liquid yellow Elise returning from a Sporting Bears ride, but only glimpsed it from a distance - A red Esprit Turbo keeping a Jag CX-75 company
  4. It hadn't been rectified when I fitted mine during the peak of the COVID lockdowns.
  5. What colour is that @unity1? Looks a bit like something from the early 2000's MG Rover Monogram scheme; Typhoon or Poseidon perhaps?
  6. Spotted this morning (Sunday 14th) about 11:20 going north up the hill between junctions 3 & 4 on the M40.
  7. Couldn't agree more To be perfectly honest, I don't really know if they're that collectable once built, especially in the case of Agora models because they're a relatively new manufacturer to the market. The old Pocher 1:8 Ferrari F40 models (from prior to Hornby taking them over) fetch good money on the used market. I could easily sell my unbuilt F40 model now for probably double what I paid for it a decade ago, not sure about how their values fare once built though.
  8. I'm just going to box build this one, if I were to go for extra detail I would want a kit of parts, I don't have time to scratch build all the finer details. That said I do have a boxed original old stock 1:8 Pocher Ferrari F40 with a complete detail transkit to build at some point that I've had for a long time, but that it going to take even longer than this to do. Plus I have a real Esprit that still needs work too 🤣 That's about the going rate for these kind of subscription kits, even retail Pocher 1:8 models about around £1000 mark when not on offer. But if you think that is expensive, don't look at the price of some of Amalgam's 1:8 models. It all depends what your interests are as to where you spend your money, some people spend thousands on audiophile speakers, I've got a £100 set I'm quite happy with. Each to their own as to what they way to spend their hard earned cash on.
  9. Sorry for the blatent 'click bait' title, but I couldn't resist I posted a few months ago about Agora Models releasing a 1:8 scale Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me; given I'm not aware of any Esprit modelled in 1:8 scale I took the plunge signed up to the subscription and the first pack of parts arrived at the start of April. So last night I spent a little over an hour or so assembling the all the parts from the first pack. Better view of the front valance Interior view of the door Close-up of the engine I'll keep this updated as more packs arrive with me in the post over the coming month. Mods, if this should really be in another section please feel free to move it if you feel this doesn't qualify as an "Esprit Project".
  10. How ironic that they're talking about a V8 but the red one pictured in the article is an S4s.
  11. This doesn't surprise me in the least. Vauxhall pulled this stunt every year with my wife's Corsa and she'd always check with me before authorising the garage to do any work. First time they tried it on saying the brakes needed doing was at the first MOT following an advisory. I measured the pads after she came home and found just shy of 70% of the meat left on the pads. We stopped using the main stealer once the 10 year 100k warranty ended. Yes I know we didn't have to use them but if it needed any warranty work (which it did) we wanted to leave them nowhere to hide if they were the only people to ever service it.
  12. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/lotus-esprit-sport-300-the-mid-engine-masterpiece-that-flirted-with-perfection-227534.html
  13. Nice Bond spec S1 right by the public entrance.
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