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  1. A real world example of the above. We had a six turbine wind farm installed a few miles away from us a few years back to the massive celebrations of the local greenies. Today it is very cold, tonight it will get down to below zero around these parts. The air pressure is around the highest I have ever seen, 1050mb, which means a high is overhead. I've just driven past the wind turbines, of course there is no wind, no blade movement and no contribution to what must be a high energy requirement situation. Rubbish.
  2. Nope, NHP again. Not his problem. Renewables are the same, solar panels with their horrid contents, wind turbines that slaughter birds (how eco friendly).
  3. @C8RKH conversation with brainwashed twenty something middle class daughter: "The government don't want us to use cars" "You will never get people to give them up, it is too convenient" "Don't you want to save the planet?" "Ok, tell you what, you make a start. Scrap your car and walk to work or get the bus" "No way, they would take me about an hour, I can drive in fifteen" It's always about other people having to make changes, which is N/A to those demanding them.
  4. Thanks Michael for the suggestion. Perhaps a slight misunderstanding here though. I'm ok with the 88 pin 918 ECM connectors, I can get Bosch pcb mount lookalikes from China for about $25 each. I can even source the plugs, although quite pricey I won't need many of them (only for dev/test). The twin pairs of keyed 22 pin connectors I was referring to are for the SE onward 4 pots, which appear to be unobtanium!
  5. As above @Barrykearley, I only found out tonight from who I shall call a very well informed source that EFI developed the ECM for Lotus from scratch and then modified it to sell on the open market as the MT-501 (different case, some connection differences, obviously no Lotus proprietary content). I was advised to look at the EFI Euro-4 as an alternative that is in production. Price to you Mr Kearley? (although you don't need or want one!) £2,100 Including VAT. Then all of the pain of setting it up. Nope, my ECM target price is well under a grand...
  6. Hello Michael, I have just received some interesting info on the factory ECM. It isn't in fact a programmed EFI MT-501 as I thought but a custom version specifically for the V8 which EFI subsequently modified and sold as the MT-501 (!) Having said that, I'm convinced that it is similar internally and you are quite right, there are eight individual ignition coil circuits but only two are used. So by default there were eight but with multi-coil packs Lotus didn't have to use the other six.
  7. So it is also a good job that I have a password cracker then Derek! Assuming that it doesn't have much in the way of a defence (time outs/lock on fails etc.)
  8. I suspect that your suspicions are correct Derek: The MT-501 has those pesky ST M29F010B 1Mbit EEPROMS in PLCCs that you have to remove, fit sockets and replace if you want to change the maps. Taking a cue from Esprit Engineering: Now I know this (and we have a Write Enable line identified), I reckon there's a possibility of doing the reprogramming myself without opening the ECM up. This is the pin out from the EFI wiring loom that has multiple connectors for this, a dashboard and a data logger - all using CAN. Easy enough to knock up an interface cable. Also digging through the documentation and thinking about it, the K-Line and CAN data streams both use pin 72 on the ECM/pin 7 on the DLC connector. The CAN_H/CAN_L and WR EN are used to enable this (but again, only on the rear DLC connector). I wonder if I can get hold of the original MT-501 utility software, it comes on a "single high density floppy disk" apparently. Good job I still have a 3.5" FD USB drive..!
  9. On the subject of OBD sockets, I have long been slightly mystified by the additional three wires on the rear (boot) connector. The front one doesn't have them? In the course of digging around on my Kelsey Hayes EBC work (and connections to the ECM) I came across what I believe is the answer. This is from a third party (non car model specific) EFI MT-501 document: In the OBD2 spec these pins are listed as "manf. discretion/OEM reserved". Now, as the MT-501 natively supports CAN, I'm thinking that perhaps Lotus either implemented CAN or put the connections in for potential future use, as the later spec was an incoming preferred standard in 1996. So as well as the the K-Line Protocol Numbers 4 and 5 on pin 72 that we all use with ELM 327 adapters there might be an alternative high speed interface. Another option might be that it was used to upload the V8 specific configuration into PROM. Something to chew on. I might investigate further when Nelson gets his eye back. Anyway, mystery solved for now.
  10. No, not taken as sarcastic at all! As you can see from this post, the EFI MT-501 ECM that the V8 uses has a lot of integration with the abundant car systems. It's not just a question of whacking in an aftermarket ECU that will run the ignition, fuel injection, boost and so on. It also has to drive the speedo, tacho, aircon, recirc relay, radiator fans, engine overheat lamp, the CEL, plus all of the OBD gubbins etc. The other problem is that Lotus has never released the maps for the V8 so setting up an Emerald etc. requires a lot of dyno time to get right. I give you this thread, just adding a Megasquirt looks fun but not straightforward. Numerous owners have gone down the aftermarket route and fair play but the investment in time and money looks to be substantial. The aim is to develop a like-for-like drop in replacement with some extra bells and whistles (if desired). Hope that makes it clear!
  11. @Barrykearley What's your thinking Barry? If that in the longer term there will be a dearth then I think I agree with you? PS can you post in my poll please, I'm not sure if it works or not... Ta Yup and thank you for that Filip. It is sat on my "To Do" shelf. As per Derek's post on the Stevens forum the 4 pot isn't as urgent as the V8. The biggest problem I am going to have with it is sourcing the connectors, two pairs of 22 way keyed and I can't find them anywhere!
  12. One of our Esprit specialists looks to have spotted the gap in the market as far as ECMs are concerned. As we all understand, replacement V8 ECMs are just about non-existent. Mike S in Germany knows someone who can repair them and there might be a few other places around. I hadn't noticed this before but Esprit Engineering down the road from me in Salisbury formalised a repair and replacement offering a year ago (both 4 pot and 8 pot ECMs): The prices are pretty good too, compared to having a completely useless Esprit sat on the drive: As to whether they sub these out to someone like Bluestreak Electronics, ano or they have in-house expertise is a moot point if they can get them fixed. Also as an Approved Lotus Heritage Repair Centre they probably have the inside track on the internals and factory test gear (e.g. TECH-1 scanner and module for the V8). I think it is brilliant! As some know, I have been slowly working on my own low cost V8 (and eventually 4 pot) ECM, I'm probably about 20% of the way there. This makes me wonder if it is worth continuing with the development? Time for a poll perhaps.
  13. @march aha! That is EXACTLY what I need Marc! I am going to develop the software to talk to the ABS ECM. Are you up for helping me? It will only require you to download and run a simple comms utility program against the instructions that I will provide. Then once I have proven the interface I can write the application and of course you will get a copy! This is not mega urgent by the way, I need to do my KH415 first to prove that it is possible. So it is not imminent.
  14. I think by opening the boot she's shown a couple of small booboos?
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