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  1. So many people come to me in a panic about 'worn brakes'. The margin on parts is HUGE and it seems people will pay anything to be safer, so many establishments try it on - main dealers, brake centres, sole traders. No matter what the quote, I can generally do it for less than 50%. I've had stand-up rows with Kwik Fit managers over this after they've scared the hell out of people with their bullshit.
  2. Just picked up my rental in San Diego. Ford Edge requested; they didn't have one or anything similar. Agent said "we have plenty of electrics available but I'm guessing you won't want one." Clearly they're not popular, even in squeaky clean California. Got a nice thirsty Ford Explorer instead.
  3. Spooky. My wife looks like her drawers are full of thick jumpers.
  4. I'm guessing inlet manifold gasket. Edit, having crossed posts with @Zag: what he said too!
  5. Ah yes, forgot about the seats. Really high sides; the bolsters don't last long against in/out traffic.
  6. I've worked on 2 of them. Really nothing special about them other than they're all green, they had the yellow/ally 5-spoke Ruotes, they had red leather steering wheel covers and they were individually numbered, I believe near the filler flaps and on the glovebox? Aside from that, bog-standard S4.
  7. Ah yes, the Stellantis Boom, I believe it's called.
  8. I am the piccy king! I take ludicrous numbers of pics every trip. Never knew they had really cool windmills. Montauk Lighthouse at the end. Fire Island Lighthouse. Beyond this is a huge residential area of barrier island that is entirely car-free. We plan to get there next time. The beaches are huuuuuge, and no doubt chaos in good weather. And very friendly deer too. Manhattan - 32 miles away (high zoom). Fascinating driftwood collection at a lifeguard station. We do love quirky stuff.
  9. You're being far too nice. Heads should roll for that train wreck. Just back from a wild couple of days in NY where, for once, we stayed in Queens and drove the entire length of Long Island. Full of surprises, that place. We will return. @internetsthe show was superb & the guys say Hi!
  10. Yup, as I suspected it's for doing lines.
  11. I just threw up a little in my mouth. I'll have you know I've been enjoying Saga newsletters for several years. Most recently, secured a significant discount on a nice pair of comfy slippers.
  12. Ha, you guys! Drinkies unlikely today, as I'm busy organising a flights/car/hotel for tomorrow. The usual 24 hours' notice...
  13. BA are chucking it away ATM. Just got my daughter, her partner and 2 kids out to Florida in October for £1200 RT.
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