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  1. I have downloaded Freescan to my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop and purchased diagnostic cables from Sanjaya but Freescan is unresponsive when connected to my 89 Esprit Turbo. No matter what settings, COM1, COM2, mS delay 1, 50, 100, key to on, engine running...Freescan will not launch/communicate. My laptop has Windows 10, is that the problem? I saw another newer software version on Lotus Talk, should I try that? Would really like to work with Freescan or something similar. Any advice? Thank you
  2. I had my 1989 Esprit Turbo S non-chargecooler Delco injection out for a 60 mile drive. Runs like a kitten and a lion when you call for it! 30 minutes after completing this pleasing drive, I went to start the car and it was not happy, acting like the coil(s) were heat soaked. Sputtering and not clearing out on multiple tries. The next day when cooled it started right up and behaved perfectly. Seems like classic electrical coil heat soak to me. Any words of wisdom before I purchase/replace both coils? Thank you
  3. This car is a 1989 Turbo S with ECU I believe, no charge cooler with Delco injection.
  4. I kept the 1989 factory 15" wheels and purchased Achilles ATR Sport 195/60-15 V rated fronts and Toyo Proxis Vimode 235/60-15 H rated rears from Simple Tire here in the states. All is good. Minor concern the old 225/60-15 tires were one inch shorter at 25" OD, the car seemed to spool up a bit faster with those shorter tires.
  5. I wanted to provide an update on my issue (sorry for my tardieness). Since I stopped using a battery disconnect, my high idle condition has gone away. Seems making the ECM relearn everytime the battery is hooked up is not the way to go! Car idles quite well now.
  6. Thank you Gjk for your reply. Is this wheel sensor standard and what does it control?
  7. Thank you Gjk and CarBuff for your replies. Yes, these bolts attach to the fuel tank bracket...but I cannot feel/see any bracket near the holes. I guess I'lll have to learn how to fit petrol tanks in an Esprit...Oh joy! If it was easy, everyone would do it!
  8. Two fasteners and plate fell off of the drivers side rear wheel opening on my 1989 Esprit Turbo non-SE. The passenger side fasteners are still in place. What do these two bolts secure? The gas tank? Thank you in advance for any insights. Jkorvette
  9. What is this sensor mounted on right rear axle hub for on my 1989 Esprit Turbo non-SE? Thank you in advance for any insight. Jkorvette
  10. My 1989 Esprit turbo has factory 15 x 7 front rims and 15 x 8 rear rims with Falken Ziex ZE912 195/60-15 and 225/60-15. The tires are very old and need replacement. It is very challenging to source 15" performance tires these days. I found Falken Azenis RT660 205/50-15 and Falken Azenis RT660 225/45-15 but I am concerned the Azenis have a diameter of 23 inches compared to the 24 and 25 inch diameter current tires. The car will sit 1 inch lower in the rear and 1/2 inch lower in the front. I know the spedo/odom will need to be calibrated somehow. These performance tires look awesome but my diameter concern is holding me back. Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated. I am located in Philadelphia, PA. PS: I just completed the dreaded timing belt change...a thorough ass kicking the first time! Thank you, Jeff
  11. @Escape@Barrykearley I don't have Espritmon or Freescan to check the idle settings. Where can these be purchased? Thank you
  12. It has Delco fuel injection and an ECM.
  13. My 20,000 mile 1989 non-SE Esprit has a high idle condition which has gotten worse. It now idles around 2000 - 2200 RPM and may drop lower after warming up. It has always had a high idle near 1800 - 2000 RPM but would drop to a pleasant 800 or so by cycling the key after warming up. This issue seems to be getting worse. I just realized that the battery disconnect that I installed to avoid a dead battery after weeks/months of not using is likely causing the ECM to relearn every time I start it! Is this the case? Please advise on best steps to correct this annoying issue. Thank you I suppose I should leave the battery connected and maintain a trickle charger on the battery when not in frequent use. (Someday I'll track down the power draw!)
  14. Black88, With this thread coming alive again it got me thinking to when I replaced my red hose with braided line and now I remember that I tied a string from the red hose to the new braided line and pulled the new line in as I removed the old red hose. I believe that i pulled from the rear. As I mentioned there was only a grommet area or two that caused difficulty. You will be one with your vehicle on this job!
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