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  1. Lime Green Elise cup About 11am M20 coast bound.
  2. Cheers Neil i ordered one today plus Italy tag Looks great can't wait Cheers Bibs
  3. Hi lotus folk, Planning trip to Switzerland in June any advice, doing the passes. any info on whether hardtop or softop i hear it can rain quite bad. plus any other useful info would be helpful thanks
  4. i was filling up and see you you past
  5. Very brief spot very clean white Eclat Excel on Newton abbot road about 5pm on 4th sept
  6. Ok in no particular order around Canterbury Ramsgate area White Elan, Blue Elise, another Elise but could not tell cover as was in shade through trees, Black Exige. Waved to all got waves back.
  7. i thought about but when i see close i didn't like the look a company called reverie does them
  8. See you on the A251Saturday and either the same on Sunday Charing hill
  9. Would send photo but don't how to Done lol thanks again
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