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  1. This! Thank you. I will replace it with a round head bolt.
  2. Haven't had a long drive in the jag yet.. Should do one soon.. The V12 is great, no the fuel consumption indeed.. Haha I don't know which bolt you arr referring to Sparky.. Can you indicate it in the picture.? Thank you.
  3. Indeed...if the drive tomorrow proves to be trouble free i will just keep the gear cables as it is .. noticed you have a XJ-SC V12 .. i bought a 85 XJS V12 last year too ... amazing tourer ... Thank you very much for your help
  4. So i swopped the cables, and now reverse is where it should be, on the left.. Still need to search for it a bit as the nylon inhibitor is missing.. The actions at the translator looks right now.. The video shows me going from 1st to 5th and reverse. 1st gear and 2nd gear definitely feels more power to move the car compared to earlier, i was also able to move the car on 5th gear... Reverse works fine too, after some searching... I do not understand why when i installed the cables according to the manual it works wrongly.. Will bring it out for a run and see what happens tomorrow.. Thanks everyone for your advise.. petal_20230220_162806.mp4 VID_20230220_120235.mp4 Yes, i was moving the lever from right to left.. I am really not sure why this happened.. If you look at the video in this thread, when i select 1st gear the cable on the right moved forward...
  5. So i tried again this morning (Singapore's time), after considering what you have said, i realised that i could move forward in 1st to 3rd gears, but It moves off very slowly, even in 1st. Not like it should when the car is in 1st gear. Should have noticed this last week.. But was in a confused state of mind at that time i guess.. When i put the gears to the bottom right, reverse is definitely engaged, and it moves like it should. Oh.. And this time i can't find the gear above reverse. I must have selected the 3rd gear and thought it was 5th.. I will try to swop the cables again later and see what happens.. VID_20230220_085513.mp4
  6. I did not drive at speed as i was trying in a small car park, went through the first 3 gears but was moving slowly.. Below 40kmh.. Engaged reverse to park the car. Will check the position of the translator. Yeah.. Will try to do that and see what happens.. The gear shift positions were correct before i shifted the cables. But it doesn't collate with the instructions in the manual.. Thank you guys..
  7. I can drive the car, it moves forward on the first 3 gears, no chance to go higher as was testing in a car park, and when i engage the gear below 5th the car was able to reverse.. Hence i am really baffled...
  8. Yup... Emailed both SJ and PNM.. If non available i will probably need to bring to a machine shop to try to modify the lift tube.. But this is the lesser issue.. I have set and adjusted the linkage according to the manual... But..... My reverse gear is now on the right end below the 5th gear! I can still select 1st to 5th gear normally, although 2nd gear is a little vague, as in 1st to 2nd is ok, but i have to search for 2nd if shifting from 3rd to 2nd. As the gear cables are identical, i believe it does not matter which cable is connected to the right or left at the gearchange mechanism end below the gear lever, as long as i can identify which moves 'forward' when i shift the gear lever from right to left as in the video in my earlier post. I am totally baffled! Anyone has any idea what may be the issue? Video for reference.. Thank you. petal_20230217_122918.mp4
  9. Joke of the day.. The nylon inhibitor on the gear lever lift tube is missing... Apparently the stud broke.. SJ sportscars sell the nylon bush which i assume is this https://www.sjsportscars.com/parts-and-accessories/SJ082F0020.htm I wonder how to fix the bush to the tube.. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Should be correct now? VID_20230216_160206.mp4
  11. Thank you Filip.. I also discovered that the cables were connected wrongly. When i shifted the gear lever from right to left, the right cable moved forward. I hope i am right that by 'right' the manual meant looking from the rear towards the front of the car.. The video was the original which i think is wrong.. VID_20230216_163300.mp4
  12. Video for reference regarding the 3 positions of the translator Thank you VID_20230215_143009.mp4 VID_20230215_143009.mp4
  13. HI, is has been a really long time since I came to this site, as have mostly been on FB. I think this is a topic that has been discussed many times, but some of the photos are no longer able to view. I have an 89 2.2 NA with the renault box. Although I can get a lot of advice on FB, I found that as the topic is pushed further and further down the page, the responses gets lesser and lesser. I guess this is how the system works in FB, which is not exactly ideal for an ongoing work being done on the car.. Though I do appreciate all the advice I had on FB during the years After owning the Esprit for nearly 5 years, it is time to refurbish the gearbox. I was having issues with the 2nd gear and 3rd gear for some time. As I do not have the capability to refurbish the gearbox, I had a workshop replace my synchros for me. I replaced the linkage parts at the gearbox end at the same time. Although I did passed the writeup on how to adjust the linkage to the workshop, I doubt they read it, as the gearshift now is worse than before. The job was done last year whilst I was on a month's long year end holiday, and when I called the shop to tell them the problem after our local holidays (Chinese New year from 21st Jan till 3rd Feb), the owner told me he has retired and has since closed the shop .. Long story short, armed with the manual, I decided to adjust the linkage myself. The 1st to 3rd pictures is how the translator end looks like when I removed the floor board. It does not seem to be adjusted to offset to 4mm to the right. The 4th picture is after I adjusted the translator tie rod 4mm(or close to) to the right (inboard). In the manual, Point 3 indicates that I am to "hold the gear lever leaning backwards approximately 7.5° in this crossgate plane" (picture 4). My understanding is to pull the lever backwards at an angle of 7.5°, as illustrated in the 5th picture. Is it correct? The manual also states that the cables are to be connected to the translator without preload, which I assume to mean that I pull the cables as much as I could without feeling any tension before I adjust the ball ends to connect to the translator. I do know that the manual is the very basic adjustment procedure, and I may need to do a few more adjustments to fine tune the gear change. Please advise if I am right in my understanding of the instructions in the manual. Thank you. I forgot to add that I realised that the translator can be adjusted for/aft in 3 positions. I did not take note of the original position before disconnecting the cables. Am I right to assume that the cables should be connected with the translator in the middle position? Thank you.
  14. Thanks. I will try to find if there is anything similar.
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