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  1. In Europe I found it well nigh impossible to read KPH at speed. Tiny red digits on black background
  2. At that stage Fire Red was an exclusive colour, it is now on the standard options, nevertheless a good choice Tony It might have looked shiney then but that was under the bright lights at the PPF installer, where I had it over the whole of the front end, the rear aerofoil, along the sill beneath doors, in front of rear wheels, and a small strip on the roll bar cover. Ceramic coating not required.
  3. I haven't dared to attempt this yet. It appears that 36 is pushed / clipped into place, but being colour coded, and somewhat flimsy I can foresee that things could easily go very wrong
  4. How do I remove the centre console on an S3 ? I have the open gated change and want to pass a cable from back to front. S2 was easy with a screw either side of the gear change shroud, and one under the cup holder. Cup holder one still exists on S3, are the front 2 now under the trim ?
  5. Only been to Folembray so far, and I dont think they care there
  6. I have a March 2019 build 250, the V5 shows 103db and now have >6000 miles on the clock. It is louder than my S2 Exige with 2Bular and especially noticeable when cold
  7. Yes, Fire Red interior, silver stitching to match silver wheels, silver aero uprights, silver decals. Didn't bother with calipers. I specifically wanted a 250 cup car in an unusual colour, and went to the factory to look at lots of cars that had come off the line. There was no Fire Red, so I was taking a bit of a punt in ordering it and paying a premium for the colour. I also wanted everything colour coded, that is no black engine cover, transom, service covers etc. As with many Lotus colours, when the sun is on it, it sparkles, but a dull day doesnt do it any favours. My short list included Liquid Yellow and Vivid Green, and I just felt there were lots in those colours. I have since seen an Exige in Motorsport (I think) Green, and at that point had the odd second thought about the Fire Red. I love it now
  8. Only one in Fire Red, as far as I know. As with many colours, a dull day doesn't do it any favours. In production On collection After Paint Protection Film Recent trip to Reims
  9. I found the B&G kit with a 20mm adapter did set the wheel noticeably closer. The old style "snap off", though a bit clumsy, with same adapter would be better
  10. No ppf whatsoever as standard, not even in front of the rear arches. Cup car = Less is more 😎 That was the intention. I nearly went for gold wheels and uprights but felt that was a bit too bling
  11. Maybe, but don't even try to pass 😎
  12. I did this work on my Exige when it was just a few weeks old... Scary Just find someone with an Elise and measure this, but it is not critical within a mm or two Measure 6 times, cut once The most important point imo is to cover the whole of the interior before starting to cut the fibreglass.
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