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  1. Whilst not an Emira owner… I do have 2 of Dans custom Ali prints of my previous Evora (x2). Can vouch for his work, and I really ought to get round to having one done for my Cup250FE
  2. Not to @Bibsstandard obvs, but I had some drone footage featured on BBC.
  3. Just for shits and giggles... I spec'd up an Electre to £160k OTR
  4. I fully agree. Killing the 3 successful models WAY ahead of Emira delivery made ZERO sense to me back then, and even less so now. Disastemira for sure! I had a message from a previous contact... "glad to leave the toxic madness" "did everything I could to ensure Lotus attended Goodwood FoS as senior execs wanted to cancel" etc etc
  5. Still wear my Lotus 70th Black Polo It's my 'wfh' uniform It's deffo a missed opportunity imo but hey, I'm only an an Elise customer... not important any more 🤫 Unless you're an Emira/Evija/Eletre customer... you're nobody 🙄
  6. And to update this… I cancelled my order for i4 Emira. Price increases (not cool after the Windle YouTube saying no increases to deposit holders) and delays, still no sign of i4… So, in answer to original question, do I regret ordering a Final Editon? Absolutely not, and more so now!
  7. Ok, so same price once you add VAT and shipping. Have a think, you can always make me an offer
  8. Yes, I’m in the UK. Yes they’re for sale. Value? No idea. Not even sure what I paid? OEM (mild steel as rusting away currently) are £21 per side on Deroure. So £50 including shipping?
  9. I’m in same boat as many. price increase mail received 15th, sent cancellation email 15th. no acknowledgment by 22nd, so called to be told they had no email. fwd my email to a known contact in Lotus, who then sent it to customer care… then my original email was found. 14 days from 22nd should see my deposit returned. I am deeply disappointed in the whole Emira thing. I placed deposit on 7th July 2021 for i4. The whole thing is a mess. Windles video clearly said, those with deposits would not pay more. Than they announce all cars after 1st June are increased… ergo all i4 increased. Sorry Emira, I’m done (for now at least).
  10. I was delivery July 2023 (i4), now august production… slipping and slipping.
  11. Morning after the online launch. Ahead of Goodwood.
  12. My i4 still due July ‘23. so still 2yrs from deposit to delivery…
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