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  1. Nigel Mansell's Essex Team Lotus racing jacket just sold for £540 at the RM Sothebys auction 😬
  2. Historic Lotus Club summer lunch, Oakley Park Hotel
  3. Nice to meet you again Barrie, promise I'll bring No. 100 along to the next meeting! Mike
  4. Thanks for the link to that photo. If anyone else has any photos of Essex 100, I am interested in getting copies... I'm the current owner. Cheers Mike
  5. Sorry, I've just come across this thread... Better late than never! I was one of the engineers at Lotus who worked on C875 CCL back in 1987. I designed a twin-display electronic dashboard system to replace the standard binnacle; the prototype was installed into C875 CCL and worked reasonably well. The whole process was documented on a video produced by the Design Council, called "Living By Design". This was part of a series of educational videos made for students of science & engineering. I left Lotus in 1988, no idea what happened to the car - nice to hear it still exists, even if it is stuck on the wall of City College! I have a few photos of the work we did, and an old copy of the video somewhere...
  6. Went for £511 😲 Think I'll go into the bag business... Mike
  7. Hi all Has anybody replaced the rear (propshaft) oil seal on a ZF Lotus Sunbeam gearbox? Can this be done in situ? (he says hopefully...) Cheers, Mike
  8. Hello everyone, I have just joined the Hampshire group, and I think I had better introduce myself! My name is Mike and I live a few miles north of Basingstoke. Don't worry about the photo in my forum ID - that was taken in 1983 and I have put on some weight and lost a lot of hair since then! I've got an Esprit Turbo and a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. I'm trying to get a few jobs done on the cars during the virus lockdown - the list of items is unfortunately growing! I've got suspension bushes, exhaust holes and a gearbox oil leak to fix on the Sunbeam, and coolant leaks & lighting problems on the Esprit. Lots to be getting on with... I do hope the lockdown is lifted soon - there are so many car events I was looking forward to attending this year, but most of them have been cancelled now ☹️ Cheers Mike
  9. SCC082910AHD10949 1980 Essex Turbo Esprit "Number 100" Now residing near Basingstoke, UK
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