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  1. I'm pleased Reform haven't done quite as well as expected. I'm also glad the SNP have taken a hit.
  2. Just FYI. I just had a new throttle body fitted as the old one had started playing up. It feels more responsive now. Might be worth at least giving the current one on your car a clean to see if it helps.
  3. Brake sensor you can use a GM part (with a bit of modification). Steel brackets will be easy enough to get patterned and custom made. Window regulators and especially headlights more of an issue. You must be able to fudge something together for the regulator with a bit of ingenuity. Headlights though...
  4. Reckon they might need to scout out a new site for European Lotus production to avoid those tariffs... Got to think hard about where they could put that. Maybe have a sit down in Hethel with a cup of tea to mull it over...
  5. But... The Esprit thing is a good point and if you look at cars like the Alfa SZ/RZ, very very small numbers but suppliers step up to produce custom parts. It tends to centralise around less and less specialists to keep enough volume going through so you might have to seek them out, but it's rare for an interesting car to lose community/specialist support
  6. I don't really understand the mileage obsession and never have to be honest on any car
  7. TdM

    The Donald.

    Now wait for the crazies to come out. It's going to be a bumpy rest of the year in the US.
  8. I believe that's an innuendo...
  9. Cheers, I'll have a go with the heavy duty velcro from Amazon and see how I get on. All the things on the car that are stuck on appear to need re-sticking at the moment!
  10. Could anyone confirm if this is the correct part number to get the velcro strip for sticking down the back seats? A124V0058V There aren't any pictures or real descriptions on the parts site that I could see. I could just try buying random velcro off Amazon but would prefer the proper stuff so I know it works...
  11. Yeah... Weird decision that. Young people won't vote for it and anyone with kids 18 and under won't vote for it. Might also turn off some grandparents.
  12. They just love sounds bites these days, it's become a group of marketing departments. A lot of the time decisions are made to try to placate the loudest shouter at the time and then everyone rolls out their current marketing slogan to 'debate' it. I do think that they need to be more honest more often. If the opposition actually thinks something is a good idea, say so. Not only when it's a super sensitive issue where opposing would be suicide but more of the time on normal issues. Stop spending time trying to dig up dirt to sling at the other side, it wastes everyone's time. Do try to have constructive discussions to come to a sensible outcome with all available expertise. Fine with rowdy debates in the house when it warrants it and have checks and balances with parties having different views, but stop just arguing for the visuals.
  13. You can always change your name to match. Important to show commitment.
  14. Nice day at the zoo. Ignore those marks in the grass, I definitely arrived and parked entirely sensibly.
  15. You merged into traffic ahead of me. Waved. Sounds really good by the way!
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