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  1. Yesterday I managed a couple of hours down the shed. More bits bolted back on. the worst was the near side rear brake caliper which was the wrong side of the chassis after the lump was dropped in. So had to remove to put the right side. I’ll have to bleed that again now 🤪 some water pipes Installed, engine mounts bolted up, gearbox mounts replaced, rear deck hinges fettled and measured as I’ve no idea how they fitted. had a phone call from the rad shop to tell me that’s ready for collection Monday 🥳
  2. It’s a joke. I’ve had one thing after another with the police. It goes to a Marac next week so let’s see if that changes anything.
  3. Radiator dropped to be recored yesterday. Sadly the place I used in Hereford has now gone so it had to go to Redditch. All the engine bay pipes and clips were fitted yesterday. Today the manflu is still bad so I sacked off work when I went in to find the place crawling with painters and decorators and thought I’d get in the garage for an hour or so. Engine wheeled out and that’s it for now - engine is back insitu. Loads to do - but that’s enough for today.
  4. It is a run of the mill car chap - it’s not like your old v8 engine - the Evora engine is something used in taxis all over the Middle East and thrashed to half a million miles. Just make sure it’s reflected in the price.
  5. So onto the rad pack dropping this morning. some interesting spares found lurking in here. ahh looks like I will indeed be deleting the aircon 😂 rad pack on floor and stripped down fans will be replaced with aftermarket units - but these seem ok. Radiator will be dropped for recore next week.
  6. @Dan E out of interest are these on roof or in roof system installs?
  7. Sadly this is where it’s wrong NHBC will shirk this because probably 2 years has not yet expired and the responsibility is for the homeowner to raise a complaint to the NICEIC contractor to give them the opportunity to rectify. The contractor is probably a LTD company so will liquidate and pop up again with a name spelt differently. The NICEIC should appoint a contractor to resolve the issues at no cost to the homeowner. the system is broken and I see this time and time again.
  8. I’m sure no Labour voter and definitely not a fan of corbyn @Bibs - but we need change and a swivel eyed loon whom would have been more than happy to shake up institutions would have been very welcomed by me even if they would completely crash the economy
  9. we were biding on this one for Danny to enjoy. Went for a bit more than I expected and the external paintwork on the car is horrible. The inside not good, passenger door doesn’t open, both door frames badly aligned and front suspension hasn’t been replaced as part of the nut and bolt rebuild. The rear deck lid is badly filled and I’m sure a modified glass back panel from a turbo car. Someone did get a fair deal though I suspect and it was interesting that many cars sold for strong money after some really turbulent sales late last year.
  10. The Labour Party made a massive mistake getting rid of Corbyn
  11. It’s sweet tasting @910Esprit - so almost certainly coolant that has solidified after nearly 30 years of being laid up and drained down. heater matrix flushed today and connected back up to the through chassis pipes. Another two couplers made from the remaining tube pulled out of the chassis and that took about 8 attempts to find pieces not pitted internally or externally. Literally every single pipe is being replaced or removed, cleaned and refitted. I flushed the radiator - but it was apparent that it’s leaking and rotted out somewhere. Only the foam is damp - it’s not pouring out - but that’s a job to finish this weekend. The oil cooler pipes came undone beautifully which stunned me.
  12. This is very reminiscent of the early ukip voting. I for one am very optimistic for reform.
  13. The vote count for reform was very promising. Reflect back to the early days of UKip - there vote counts very similar. We have had decades of ineffective crap governance - and that badly needs change which frankly we will not get with either Tory or Labour.
  14. More pipes stripped off yesterday. The one new ally pipe from SJ is wrong as it has a 30mm tail off to the stat housing and the one on my car is 22mm apparently that’s an upgrade that lotus did in a tech bulletin. all of the ally is a mess - and it’s all being replaced. I’m stunned just how much vile horribleness is in these pipes. Remote thermostat cleaned and tested.
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