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  1. Hi Sanj... long time since we talked. Please let me know it there is a safe functioning latest Freescan dowload for my 90SE. I have all the hardware needed and ready to try it but none of the downloads available from the web. A version of Espritmon destroyed my computer by corrupting the Windows system ..Lost everything on the HD recovering it. Very frustrating. Beggining to think this elusive Freescan is a myth.
  2. Windows won't boot so there's no screen to the take a picture of. Trying to recover the HD. This has been a frustrating last few days . I have everything I need to run diagnostic software but none of it works. I bought a laptop, ALDL to FTDI USB cable/converter, proper drivers installed but doesn't communicate thru the rear connector. Best I could get on Freescan 2.07 was byes received only, nothing sent and it just kept counting. Nothing else showed data. I cut it off at 126000. It's just too old.
  3. The version of Espritmon I downloaded just crashed my computer. Corrupted the HD. Every download of any Lotus Esprit software doesn't work anymore unfortunately.
  4. I dont see anywhere on Espritmon where you can clear trouble codes.
  5. This is an old thread but I'm trying to get Freescan 2.07 to work on my 90 SE. I have the appropriate ALDL cable and the FTDI adapter with the correct drivers. The program will open on Windows 10 and it is configured properly. However when i press start I only receive bytes , nothing is sent so it it just keeps running . When the engine is running I get zero data. Dont know if I need the newer version 2.10 to run correctly on Windows 10. I'm getting no error messages. Any thoughts ?
  6. It was my understanding the OBD1 is the same as ALDL. What is this connector technically called ? All the ALDL I've encountered have flat pins. Not this.
  7. Today I found an old Bosch OBD1300 scan tool for OBD1 and 2 that has multiple cables and connectors one of which is labeled GM ALDL. I was excited and bought the tool. The GM ALDL is not even close to whatever the Esprit connector is. Doesn't match up with anything I can find. Dissapointed.
  8. Update on the rough idle: I discovered the O2 sensor connector had unclipped while moving the downpipe during teardown. That problem is solved but now have another issue. Since I never used the AC due to it never worked, I decided not to reinstall the compressor and capped off the lines. Problem is now the cooling fans don't come. I'm wondering if I can jumper it out ? PS.. The coolant temp gauge is working. Cheerz
  9. Here's a pic of the connector.. it looks to clean to be superfluous.
  10. Hello everyone,, I know this is an old thread but I just put my 90 SE engine/trans back In the car after a clutch , timing belt, water pump etc. After reconnecting all the systems I did a test start and it immediately went to fast idle and sounded normal. As it throttled back, the idle it got lumpy and sounded almost like a cylinder wasn't firing. I pulled each spark plug wired off one at a time and each one affected the running so they all have spark. I have one 2 wire connector that doesn't seen to have a mate. Its part of the harness branch where the TPS connector and flywheel sensor are. Its a longer wire but does not go anywhere. This may be the problem so I'm wondering if anyone knows where this connector goes ?
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