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  1. My plug wires are hanging in by a few strands. Does anyone know of a replacement plug for the TPS please?
  2. Been a tad busy on this little project.. However got time now to sort the random and bizarre fuelling issue that’s plagued the Esprit since rebuild. I’ll start with this I guess and take it from there…
  3. Having used the Esprit on occasional dry days over the Winter period i have managed to get her up to 1000 miles since rebuild. If i get chance over the Easter period ill get the fluids changed and check torques etc. Running very well now and its been so long since i saw the ABS warning i almost never have it appear in my nightmares. That has been replaced by a house extension! The alternator did manage to work loose but it was a 10 minute fix and hardly warranted a post. In other news i swapped out my daily Cayenne (of which i have owned many with hardly ever a problem) and replaced her with a Range Rover Vogue SE. For anyone who likes random, regular, mysterious and bizarre faults these bad boys are a dream come true! The can bus loom is comical. For example adjust the passenger seat and you get an airbag fault on the drivers side door.
  4. Whatever pads were sent with the discs. Thats part of the problem. I have got green stuff pads on the S2 Elan with an AP brake conversion and they work well. I might try a set and see if noticeable improvement and report back 🫡
  5. Mine currently coat the wheels in black soot like brake dust after 30 miles of driving. They were bought from PNM with new discs a few years ago and although hardly worn drive me insane, Can anyone recommend an aftermarket pad that isnt track biased and has low dust qualities?? Shaun.
  6. Thanks to SailorBob who called over last week to dial in the tps etc with his laptop and knowledge. We also visited the ABS. Everything pointed to the accumulator so a WABCO was ordered and duly fitted. Now fully working and handbrake also adjusted as it was pulling up almost to the handle stop. So thats engine AND brakes running well.
  7. The hook type are more than capable of esprit springs. I use them in situ to release tension on the coilovers when adjusting the spring plate. torque them both a little at a time to keep the spring straight. Dont forget the Esprit is a fairly light car so poundage isnt huge
  8. Headlight sorted. pressure switch is in absolutely solid! A four hand job I expect.
  9. And nearside wobbly headlight pod which 'almost' caused MOT issues.
  10. A good day (minus 1 knuckle) fettling the ride on the Esprit today. Both front dampers removed, cleaned and adjusters freed off. Amazing what a difference a couple of turns on the spring plates does. Still not perfect but the extra preload combined with a couple of clicks softer at the rear and a good few turns softer on the front = much better. Doesn't corner like a roller skate on mega smooth tarmac (1% of any driving around here) now but my fillings are still in tact and drives far better on the local pot hole filled roads. Also far less clunks and bangs. Tomorrows lovely job is cleaning of the dreaded ABS pressure switch to hopefully sort the intermittent blink and compressor run every pedal push issue.
  11. Standing the cam belt for prolonged periods isnt good on the Esprit engine due to the tight radius on the bottom pulley. Its not the belt itself but delamination of the teeth on the belt. You would be ready on time for a new belt even if regularly run. You may be Ok for initial start but change before running.
  12. Pro Tech from SJ with standard (shortened) springs
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