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  1. Purchased one yesterday. Arrives tomorrow . Thanks
  2. Hi all Has anyone got alternative distributors fitted ? My car that came with no distributor was likely fitted with a Lucas 43DM4 unit . You cant get this now . Our usual suppliers have no used units and I suspect if I am to buy new there are better alternatives . If you have fitted something else and it works can you let me know please . Or any other thoughts . Thanks 1983 Excel 2.2l LC David
  3. Hi May I have any suggestions on piston ring suppliers . I have been in contact with the three names , either no stock or prices that seem to high to me . Its a full set on standard rings for a 2.2 LC engine . Appreciate if anyone knows of any alternative suppliers apart from SJ, LB or P Thanks David
  4. I have also experimented with Vinegar on steel components as rust removal. I left the oil pump drive in and forgot it and it's totally had it . The whole surface has desintergrated. Good fun this home experimentation.😄
  5. If you clean that lower block in a hot bath of brick cleaner /mortar remover for about 20 mins it will come out smoother . Don't ask me how I know. This is not a recommendation on the block , I did it on some parts, water pump etc and the difference is astonishing . If you leave it too long it will disappear I expect .
  6. Do they share any common parts ? Is there much on a 907 that fits a 912 . Thanks David
  7. Will that be a 2.0 or a 2.2. Interested in the engine more than anything . I did message him no reply
  8. Many thanks , appreciate the reply . Mine is a 2.2 and its a 2.2 crank I need so I need to keep hunting . I have found two sources but its eye wateringly expensive .🙁 We pressure tested the block and head today and I think we have got away with it, no visible damage to the block and its not porous. So the hunt for a crank goes on .
  9. Thanks yes they have priced up a very large list of parts for me today and have told me they have no used cranks. They have reground and balanced ones only . Thanks David
  10. Hi I am after a reasonable crank for my 912 engine . 2.2 LC Its cross drilled . Preferably one that has not already been reground but let me know of anything you are aware of . Thank you David
  11. I wonder how much is actually known or can be accessed about where we are, how fast we are moving and probably what we say , all from our mobile phones .....
  12. Hi I am in Sussex However the current broken one is a 912. 2.2 Lt. Thanks David
  13. Hi all I have posted similar on the other forum for these cars too, with a few bits of good advice . I am assessing an early Eclat/Excel I bought, and this weekend took the engine apart . There was a lot of end float and when we got inside we found it had damaged the crank when it spat the thrust washers out at some pint before it got laid up . As we know the cars are not economical to repair overall but its a hobby of mine and has been for years . However the engine may actually be the point where it is not worth doing as it may have damaged the block , yet to be sure on this so far . To my question. I think I have established the two main parts suppliers now , new and used . I do need a crank and I may have found one to Does anyone know of a used full engine , this may well be the better option, make one good one from two ? Thanks David
  14. For those with alternative TVR parts requirements may I suggest you post on Piston Heads . Its quite a bit more rough and ready than here, so beware what you dive into . However if you look at the model specific threads under TVR and seek alternative parts , you will find it there with ease .
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