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    lotus evora s 2014 (gone), elite 501 gone, elite s2.2 gone, 2 eclat s2 gone, 4 excels gone, evora gt430 come.., mg zr*2, mg zs 180v6, M100 S2 arrived
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  1. More Triumphs, used to fancy a TR7. Triumph was part of the BL empire, then ended up as MG Rover, I used to work at BL in Grantham.
  2. Nice little Triumph for sale on ebay..... looks as if someone has recently pruned the tree that seems to be growing under/through it.
  3. Sounds as if there will be more options than I had expected.
  4. This has usually been my experience, but just last month the M100 had its MOT, no advisory, but a comment on the worksheet/invoice saying the pads would need changing before the next service. Have often seen comments such as pads at 50% or whatever on the service list - think this is just to give the impression that someone has actually looked?
  5. I wonder if it can saved?
  6. So 1st day pre season opening round, and what a surprise Max seemed to top the table. Lets hope things get better for the others and we end up with a more competitive season.
  7. I have an access database and each time I start my pc it displays the cars in next MOT order and when it comes up to be within 30 days my program comes up with a message box etc. (A VB6 program what I wrote.)
  8. Thought that as a mod it would have been free.... Think you under quoted the other amount, its closer to £500.
  9. think sometimes they try to scam a female into extra work, sort of causes a mild panic so they agree without really thinking about it. My wife's father was a service manager of a BL then Peugeot dealer, so she would not stand for this sort of treatment. Did you get the car from them originally? Thought that these days this had reduced as it is easy to leave reviews about this sort of thing for others to see.
  10. Went into or local JLR dealer the other day to book her RR in for a warranty issue, and the sales guy we know there, is not keen on EV's and seems to think that JLR will be looking more at other options.
  11. I am sure the tax payer will one way or another.
  12. thought the same. Also some of the lane changes were a bit poor and some tailgating, so not much changed - apart from the mainly UK cars....?
  13. A FB post I have just read says - after all First edition can't be the final edition as well..... V6 FE production has stopped no more will be made, just the i4FE models! This makes sense as FE models can’t continue forever although I do think Lotus should honour their current orders they were happy to take but that’s another story, the V6 of course will be made again soon but won’t be an FE edition.
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