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  1. Wondered if it belonged to a forum member either here or over on SELOC. She drove mine (Evora) yesterday and decided that it couldn't work for all the London driving she does so is now working out if she can keep the Boxster for the town work and justify the Evora too for longer trips!
  2. Anyone know much about this car? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202402176672141?sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&make=Lotus&model=Evora&postcode=Ha5 5an&fromsra my sister is interested in it
  3. Yep, won't be able to get to the edges and round the edge to the side slightly which you will if they are removed. Also less risk of overspray of lacquer onto the rest of the car and the lamps can be properly baked to cure the lacquer which again I imagine your guy won't be doing.
  4. When Lotus Silverstone did mine, they removed the headlamps from the car to relacquer them. I'm guessing that's going to account for the difference price as I imagine your guy won't?
  5. Working with software every day I can well believe it... especially from "legacy" vehicle manufacturers. I would have thought Lotus would just want to disable any self driving for now and get cars into customer hands with promises to enable self driving later (a la Tesla). Seems odd to hold back the whole car for that.
  6. Hi all, I'm getting the little yellow spanner light up on the dash for a short time when I start the car (and once briefly while cruising along). Finally got around to reading the error code using Car Scanner and I get this: Car Scanner ELM OBD2 DTC report Selected brand: Lotus VIN: <REDACTED> ============1============== P0994 Raw code: 0994 ECU: Engine control unit Status: Confirmed Transmission fluid pressure (TFP) sensor F - circuit low Which is all very well except that my car is manual. I'm not much of a mechanic but I don't think manuals have transmission fluid of any kind do they? So what gives? My air con has been very weak this summer (and was fantastic last summer) and is now pretty much non existent. Could it be the air con refrigerant gas that is low? If so I probably have a leak...but not sure why I'd get this error message. Thanks!
  7. Thanks @C8RKH. Its a 2Bular and I had just polished up the tips 😀 @MrBlueSky I'm guessing those are adverts (which Full Forum Members won't be getting). Either sign up and pay for a full membership or use an adblocker I guess.
  8. Ok thanks. I'll it a go... else I guess time to call Lotus again
  9. well I recently acquired a bluetooth OBD reader... guess this is a good a reason as any to try it out. Any recommendations on apps to use with it for the Evora?
  10. I think I may be experiencing this. Car has been sat for a month while I was away (on trickle charge). Started it up yesterday and the yellow spanner comes on for a while after starting and then goes out. A/C doesn't seem to be working at all any more. Took it for a short spin and whilst cruising at about 70mph the spanner came on briefly and then went out again too. I can't remember for sure but I might have been playing with the HVAC controls at the time (definitely not turning on/off a/c as that stays on permanently). Any suggestions or is it time to book it in with someone to take a look?
  11. Wow that's terrible! Filtering the map on the Lotus website to show only service centres (i.e remove showroom only Lotus centres) seems to leave not a single Lotus dealer in France. The closest options seem to be in Switzerland or Germany. https://www.lotuscars.com/fr-FR/lotus-centres Though that website might be buggy.... allegedly there aren't any in the UK either but I know that's not true!
  12. Good point. Tesla sell a fair few Model X and Ys also though.
  13. I thought that the Eletra was supposed to be the cash cow. I know its expensive but so are Range Rovers and those seem to sell by the bucket load and Porsche sell far more Macan's and Cayennes than they do Caymans or 911s. If the Eletra doesn't do for Lotus what the Cayenne did for Porsche then Lotus is going to be in real trouble. A fading motorsport heritage, a single sports car and a lineup of electric SUVs and saloons? Maybe if the brand was strong enough that would be enough to sell a load of EVs to the Asian market?
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