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Community Answers

  1. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Available at any dealer/agent to be honest. They have built more cars to fulfil the 'I want it now' brigade and don't want to wait!!!
  2. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    The 'factory' drives are 2 hours in order for customers to have a good chinwag with the guys from the factory and LDA who came to us. TBH our route is the same whether 1 or 2 hours!! The overwhelming response is that it is very very good. To those who have had no communication unfortunately not all dealers are the same and will chase up for you!!๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  3. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Calm before the storm
  4. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Yes we are only behind Surrey as for depositors. We had 2 cars to drive and one in the showroom which was great. The 2 guys we had from Lotus top help were excellent too. Really good week.
  5. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Our dealer demo are the same as the 'Lotus' days to be fair, it's just that we had more time to go through specs with customers. 3 days!!!? we had 6!!!! And all slots were pretty much booked. Fortunately our route has a bit of everything with the exception of Motorways. No point taking customers out if you are not going to show them what it can do!!!๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Very successful test drives so far, only complaint by some is a 10 month wait to get one if they have not ordered yet. It is interesting taking customers out after they have turned up in a RR Sport or another suv and hacking towards a corner and not slowing for it, watch them brace brace brace and then realise it goes round a treat!!! Only one customer so far has given chase to a Golf GTi down our twistie road route and the Golf was most perturbed that we stuck with him through the twisties and then down the straight at um, er 60!!!! ๐Ÿคฃ
  7. JB

    Soft Top Needed!

    Thank you for the reply, the buyer has pulled out! Seems a common problem, people going shopping with no money!!!
  8. JB

    Soft Top Needed!

    Need a soft top for an S3 Exige or Elise, complete with rails ideally. Needs to be in v good nick. What has anyone got kicking about in the garage they forgot they had!!
  9. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    I would assume we would get cars before customers.......................just. We will probably all get cars within a day or two of each other to stop a rush at a particular dealer if they have a car early.
  10. If all else fails use the air cooled alignment adjuster๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. JB

    Lotus Eletre

    Cars are in the country, except R version which will be on their way in October. Expecting cust dels to start in August, however i think many will wait til new reg in September.
  12. Probably a dicky fuel gauge!! Done 2 so far!
  13. Good write up๐Ÿ‘ But what is it with you and with Shmee getting early 20's mpg? Our demo does not have the easiest of lives and usually sees 29-33 on most test drives, one customer has seen 40!!
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