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  1. Thanks guys, Felix is sending his cable to me shortly I believe. If that doesn't work out I'll definitely order one. I will try the rear cam cap O-ring first. Where does everyone buy their parts? I'm in Canada if that makes a difference. Anything else I should do while I'm there?
  2. Thanks gentlemen, I will be looking into all of these possibilities. It certainly would be wonderful to get it repaired without full removal of the engine. Unfortunately I have two vehicles ahead of it so it'll be awhile before I get to it. Thankfully Felix passed on the Lotus service manual with the car. I will also get what ever is required to diagnose and read codes. Does anyone have what I need for sale?
  3. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from him and everyone else. I buy and sell a few interesting old cars each year in my retirement so I can keep one once in a while. I love this car and intend to keep it! Needless to say, this is very dissappointing but I want to fix it properly before any severe damage occurs.
  4. Good morning everyone, I am new to the Lotus world having recently purchased a 1992 Esprit. It has developed an oil leak that I hope to repair over the winter. Perhaps some members have encountered this and can provide some guidance please. I flew to Newfoundland, Canada to inspect and buy this beautiful car, then drove it 1,000 trouble free kms in the next two days. I left it with a transport company and flew home to Alberta, Canada. When it arrived a few weeks later it was driven into my garage. It ran for about 80-90 seconds but curiously, the coolant light was on and there was smoke coming out of the engine compartment. Oil pressure was good, check engine light was on, temperature gauge needle had just barely moved off the minimum temperature. I have since topped up the coolant level and started it a few times in an attempt to locate the oil leak. The coolant light is off, the oil pressure gauge and check engine light are off and on intermittently, sometimes resolved with a quick rev of the engine. The leak appears to be originating between the exhaust cam housing and the head. I understand this will probably require removing the engine. What other things should I check or test first while it is running? What else should I look for when it is out? What else should I service while it is out? The clutch and cam belt were reportedly done about 4,000 kms ago. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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