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  1. I can feel it in the steering wheel and it feels like the noise comes from the front when steering. I can certainly live with it. thanks for the replies, it’s much appreciated
  2. Thanks Shaun, I tested the power steering as suggested and it is working, will get the steering UJ checked as there is a groan (mostly when I am slow reversing and turning heavily)👍👍
  3. Thanks guys, that’s makes obvious sense🤪 thank you
  4. New to esprit driving, I have an S4 commerative, with larger after market wheels. Question is, How do I know if the power steering is actually working? It groans when I turn the wheel when going slow, and doesn’t feel particularly power assisted even compared to my older Merc sl350. Power steering fluid level is the ok. i also think the after market suspension needs setting up as it seems quite skittish over bumpier roads. I imagine the whole geomatry needs setting up. kind regards
  5. Excellent idea👍👍
  6. I purchased an s4 recently, the PO took all the radiators off on the front as he had purchased a new radiator pack. There was nothing wrong with the old stuff. Has anybody got any experience in installing the new stuff? Anything that’s difficult? thanks in advance
  7. No, unfortunately not. Long story but unfortunately I couldn’t be bothered and lack of mechanic skills made me make my mind up.
  8. No, I owned a doer upper lotus excel… now sold without ever touching it😂
  9. You are correct about the wheels, the PO had them made, I have the originals. brakes, suspension and headlights have been upgraded. It is No 8 of 11. only 36,500 miles
  10. Hi all, i have purchased a 1995 S4 GT esprit turbo commemorative model. It’s the green car with yellow wheels, apparently they made 11 of them to celebrate 11 victories in some racing series. i can’t seem to find much info on this model. Does anybody know much about them? cheers
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