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  1. Hi Tim what was your final decision and have you fitted it yet?
  2. you could try a company called image wheels, they may be able to match you a brand new rim. They were very helpful with my OZ split rims on my V8 though not same problem. cant remember the address but think its Tipton in the West MIDS, Google it and you should find it They actually manufacture/ build wheels to suit your needs and not mega bucks either
  3. I was there but in the other halfs Triumph Spitfire. We was parked at the back of Steves yellow Europa in your pictures. When you say next show Lichfield if you mean cars in the park event there will be more there as Staffordshire Club Lotus will be there with a club stand. If your local last night was the Staffordshire area meet at Upper Longdon, Rugeley with a good selection of cars and owners
  4. Thanks Nigel did spot it on LDC forum after I posted
  5. spotted today several Elise and old Europa at Stoneleigh show ground. Was this a breakfast meet?????
  6. That's good, ok how much and are you willing to post, you can post just the bulb holders and connectors as that's all I really need if your willing to sell me those.
  7. Thanks Bibs, just hope the plug is the same on all the stephens shaped cars up to "96 anyway
  8. I am looking for an old set of rear stephens type lights crashed bashed anything, I really only need the bulb holders wire and plug but what have you.
  9. ha thats why I cant find it, thanks for that
  10. where is the vaccum pump on my 96 v8 ?????
  11. Thanks again for your help. please keep it coming. As mentioned at the start of this topic, translator is ok and have replaced bushes etc at the stick end. this feels good and changes ok when not running. Having looked at the parts list pretty sure still have single clutch based on milage and according to parts list cast iron bell housing. Have bled the clutch tonight and will try tomorrow in motion, though didnt seem to be any air in the system, but did flush fresh fluid through. Have got red pipe, so may buy braided version and fit.
  12. Yes if its got a twin plate I would stick with that but I think it may still have the single plate. Were the single plates trouble some is is it just a case of the power / tourqe going through them Would I need to change anything else to go to the twin plate eg bell housing, fork, bearing etc
  13. Thanks for your help will have to wait till Friday before I can play. Not had the car for many months but Think the clutch may be original single plate due to the low miles and also has the original cast iron bell housing. What are opinions on the single plate as there are some for sale in the current lotus parts sale. Think I may be able to get my hands on a alloy bell housing so may change this if the clutch needs replacing
  14. dont want to appear dumb but how do I check this ??????
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