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  1. Its just a matter of personal taste. Porsche performance Ferrari sound in beautifully sculpted coachwork with the quality and comfort (and especially the smell) of a Bentley. That's an Aston, What's not to like!!!
  2. It looks like the plughole after my son gets out of the shower.
  3. So is this the Exeter chiefs or the squalls, or is it wrong of me to differentiate? I just presumed as they were wearing the girls kit. Of course it's difficult to tell these days...
  4. Getting my 24's and 25' mixed up. It's in the diary.
  5. Are we sure about this date chaps. Unusual for it to take place on a Friday, add to that a a previous comment which suggests it clashes with the Matford car show which is on Saturday 9th March. I missed it last year, don't want to miss it again this time.
  6. Because F1 wants to be an inclusive sport... Blue for the boys, Pink for the girls😂
  7. I like the wheels...they look a bit Italian, and lightness has been added by reducing the weight of the wheel nuts. Alfa? Matra?
  8. I agree to that to a point, but if you have a red car that's faded to pink, would you leave it pink for the sake of originality? There comes that point where originality detracts from the overall appearance and reduces value, as in this case.
  9. No wonder the Marcasite company went bust, their black product faded to green in the sunlight within months, it wasn't fit for purpose. Dye it or rip it out and replace the crap with alcantara or suade, IMO keeping a green and black interior in a car which was supposed to have a black interior is ridiculous for the sake of originality of a fabric.
  10. Those grp trims can get fragile and often bodged back into place when broken, the most ingenious one I've seen (which was on an S2), 15mm copper pipe bonded to the inside of the A pillar trim with those white plastic pipe clips screwed to the body.
  11. Hi Darren, Plymouth is a good place to be for working on your Lotus, you may already know this but you have the South West Lotus Centre just up the road in Lifton, they have an Aladin's cave of spare parts, and SJ sportscars a bit further on in Crediton, between them, if they don't have it or don't make it, your out of luck, good luck with the rebuild.
  12. Possibly for manifold vacuum ports.
  13. Did a bit of plumbing this afternoon. PNM turbo hose kit, Roose motorsport high temperature silicon.
  14. It's getting closer. Cam timing done, new belts on and tensioned. I think I may have struggled to do this for the first time if the engine was in the car. But now I know what's entailed it shouldn't be a problem next time. All the pulley bolts needed removing in the end to obtain perfect timing, not as difficult to do as I was expecting it to be. Correct tension achieved using a borrowed Clavis gauge, what a brilliant piece of kit.
  15. I've tried time and time again to sharpen drill bits, I just can't do it, I give them to my son, he sharpens them with an angle grinder, they come back as sharp as new.
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