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  1. The problem is solved. We installed new HT leads, a new injector and fixed a bad euarth connection between the engine and the chassis.
  2. The problem is solved. There was a bad earth connection from the engine to the chassis. This caused a lot of trouble.
  3. Hi Forum, We swapped new petrol tanks, hence we had to take the engine out and put it back several weeks ago. After reconnecting everything, we seem to have a mysterious problem. Cilinder 1 will not fire. We have sufficient fuel pressure (3,6bar) at the fuel rail. We have measured compression which is good and equal to all cilinders. We mounted new sparkplugs and HT leads. The plugs are sparking brightly. We mounted a new injector to cilinder 1. All injectors provide a ticking sound when activated. All this doesn't help or brings us closer to a solution. Any sugestions? Rowald
  4. Thanks all, we found the solution. These wires appeared to be dummies in this ngine configuration and are not connected at all. Ik found an identical issue in this forum with the same set of wires.
  5. Hi Forum, We are in the last stage of a hurge project, taking the engine out in order to swap[ the fuel tanks. After reconnecting everything, ther is one connection we forgot to mark and we have no clue were to fit it. It is a subharnash coming from the ECU compartment containing 3 leads, 2 leads having two wires and connectors, 1 lead having double wires and connectors. Colours: purple and black, yellow and brown, double grey and double black We believe they should be connected to sensors or switches. Who can tell?
  6. Hi Terry, No, I did not solve this problem yet. I double checked and cleaned all the ground connections, but did not unplug/plug the connectors inside the binnacle. I will try this and let know. Realy looking forward to go into the footwell upside down.....not..... Rowald
  7. Hey CarBuff, Thanks for your swift reply! I checked the voltage at the battery: When engine off: 11,6 V with lights off and 11,5 V with lights on; When engine running: 13,8 V with lights off and 13,7 V with lights on. I didn't find any black goo on the compressor, the alternator and regulator looks clean and dry. So...any other place where to look? PS: There is only a small sea between France and England; maybe that's why they both built fabulous cars........ Rowald
  8. Hi, I'm the proud owner of an Esprit SE , LHD, chargecooled, in the Netherlands. The car drives fine, everything works okay, but one minor issue. Once I switch on lights, vents, whiper, or horn, all the readings from the dahboard gauges change. FY,temperature goes from 80 to 100, battery power from 13 to 11, oil pressure reading goes up etc. It seems like there is a poor earth connection to the dash, but where to look for it? Anyone familiar with this issue? Thanks a lot, Rowald Pouderoyen
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