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Will I fit?!!


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I just raised a similar question on the Evora chat section of this website. I'm considering buying my first lotus at the moment. Only question I have at the moment is whether I'll fit in an Exige with a racing helmet on if I'm 6ft 2in or just over 185cm tall?  It would be great to hear from any tall lotus owners as to their ownership experience and ability to comfortably fit in their Exige. Cheers.  Dave

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I previously had an Exige and we are the same height.  I wouldn't use the phrase "fit comfortably", but I made it work by having the seat rails modified to tip the seat back slightly.  I found that having a harness fitted compressed me into the seat a bit more and kept me steady, which helped, but the driving position and comfort were always something of a compromise.

The other approach is to go with an aftermarket seat, Tillett is the go-to provider, their range of seats and rails will get you much lower in the car.

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I'm 189cm tall. I fit in an Exige, even with helmet.


I did raise steering column (via that spacers hack) and it would probably be even better if I fitted steering wheel spacer.
I also installed lowered seat rails from forum member (still adjustable)

Without these few addition the fit was problematic, helmet wouldn't fit and seating position was worse.

Also thing to note is, that it really matters how your proportions are - leg height and torso height. You need to be balanced, but I think 185cm should be fine.

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6'3" here as well, more legs than torso. I fit with room to spare, a helmet is possible with the hardtop on, but not with the softtop. I've had it without any additional adjustments, such as lowered seat rails etc., but will be fitting a steering wheel spacer this spring in order to free up a bit of space below (impossible to heel & toe right now due to my right knee hitting the steering wheel).

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