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  1. I had a white Exige with red leather, then a yellow Emira with red leather, it doesn't look great in pictures, but I like it in real life. It lifts the interior making it feel less oppressive and claustrophobic, especially in the Exige, where my head was almost hitting the roof.
  2. Could it be that the issue you're seeing is due to the position that you need them in for normal use? I've no idea if they can be adjusted to equalise the parked position, but you could try adjusting them to their maximum extent (both inwards and outwards) whilst in the normal driving position, then select the parked position to see if it's any different. This clearly won't solve the imbalance, as you need the mirrors wherever you need them, but it will help determine if the parked position is limited by a predetermined amount of travel relative to their starting point. Equally, it could be a case of they all do that, or something completely different, depending on who fitted them at the factory
  3. If you can prove that the damage is due to a manufacturing flaw, then it would be reasonable to expect a replacement. However, the dealership will probably argue that the damage was caused by hitting a kerb, pothole or some other road hazard. The good news is that the rim protector seems to have done its job and saved the wheel from further damage. Unfortunately, it's quite common to experience such issues with low-profile tyres and poorly maintained roads. In some cases, people have even gone to the extent of arguing with the local authorities to get compensation for damaged wheels, tyres, and suspension components due to the condition of the roads...but that's another world of pain.
  4. A few months ago, HMRC unexpectedly wrote to me to inform me that I may have overpaid my National Insurance contributions. I tried to provide the required information online but to no avail. Speaking to them on the phone was even less productive. So, I decided to complete the paperwork and send copies of the requested documents by mail. I didn't expect anything to come of it, but a couple of months later, I received a decent sum of money (in the four-figure range) in my bank account. I haven't received any documentation explaining why or how they arrived at the refunded amount, but I'm not going to complain as long as they don't come after me looking for it back!
  5. Sadly, I suspect that you might be right
  6. Agreed, they've clutched defeat from the jaws of victory quality wise with the majority of Emira's that I'm aware of. It'll be interesting to see how the EV's fare....Made in China Vs Made in Norfolk.
  7. You might find something that will do the trick here...
  8. After reading the announcement, my initial reaction was that there is an awful lot that could potentially go wrong. This is in no way limited to Lotus, the majority of manufacturers are heading in the same direction. It will be interesting when these cars hit the used market out of warranty, and technology has advanced even further. Identifying faults will be a nightmare, and the supply of obsolete bespoke electronics could result in such cars becoming little more than ornaments.
  9. Mine was sorted by way of a refund, the video is another customer suffering from the same pathetic Customer Care.
  10. We are now several months on from my experience, and it seems that little has changed in Lotus' Customer Care department.
  11. It has been reported that it was a diesel car that went on fire...of course, that fits perfectly with the agenda.
  12. It's hardly surprising that the PX offer isn't impressive, given the number available on the market that do not seem to be selling anytime soon and the well-documented ongoing issues. That said, if they can get the issues ironed out I could be tempted back into an Emira at £40'ish k when the time comes. It could be worse, I know someone who bought a highly specced McLaren 720s for a fair chunk of change over £250k when it was new. However, when he tried to trade it in 18 months later with only a couple of thousand miles on it, he struggled to receive an offer of £160k. Needless to say, he still owns the car, and his wife believes it's still worth something close to the original purchase price. 🤣
  13. Unless you are likely to save the cost of the tracker in your insurance premium, I wouldn't bother. If the thief is a pro it will soon be disabled or removed if fitted in any of the regular spots.
  14. KennyN

    Final invoice

    I went through the process last December, I felt like a criminal trying to convince Lloyds that I did actually want to send my money to the account and sort code provided. I had to confirm that I accepted the risk and as such I was indemnifying the bank against fraud. In the end, my contact at the bank had to override their usual checks in order to get the payment made, which is far from ideal. I've never had so much hassle attempting to spend my own money.
  15. This will be the new retail experience I received a "personalised" invite to... Maybe it's not such a new era, they still cannot manage to populate 2 variables successfully 🤣
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