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Heater Control Panel, fitting LEDs

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The original 3 filament bulbs in the heater control panel on my Eclat 2.2 didn’t emit much light to the graphics, so I looked at improving it using LEDs.

My 1st attempt replacing the original 3 filament bulbs with LED bulbs improved the amount of light but it was not even across all the graphics.  

After finding and repainting a spare panel I looked at using some of the LEDs on a roll which can be cut to the length required, sold on Ebay.

I decided on the layout to give the best light behind the graphics, cut the strip to the lengths needed and soldered wires to continue the circuit at the at the corners, shown here/above. The strips are held in place by the sticky tape on the back of the LEDs.



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Excellent!  I'm messing about with LEDs at the moment to create a gear position indicator for the auto box I'm fitting to the Elite.  How did you create the graphics Graham?


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The graphics panel is standard on the S2.2s and early Excels. It's screen printed white, red, blue and black on the reverse side on a clear plastic sheet. Surface is textured to be non reflective, but can get non reflective surface with a fine abrasive on the surface.

I'm going to fit some LEDs to the switch lights as the fibre optics are a nuisance to fit.

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