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  1. Also see reply on the other forum 😁 Pete
  2. Brilliant Roland! Pete
  3. You'll easily be able to tell when you've gone too far Shaun - the ride starts to harden up and you start to get a bit of what feels like skipping on bumpy turns. When you get to that point back it off again until it feels more comfortable. Pete
  4. Never worked on a 504 but have done on an Excel SA. With the Excel the danger is breaking the gearbox oil pump drive spigot if the torque converter slides forward unsupported while being removed from the flywheel/crank. The torque converter "dowel" that is located in the end of the crank doesn't always come out easily - can be a little rusty - and drags the torque converter forward as you move the rest of the engine forward. If you can find some way to keep the torque converter in place and properly supported while you move the engine forward I would have thought it was possible, but very expensive if it goes wrong! What is the reason for taking out the engine separately? Pete
  5. My plan - although it will be one of the last things I do - is to have a small, discrete display between the speedo and tacho - probably driven by a Raspberry Pi - allowing all warnings/information to be displayed there. I've got a list of 23 items that I'd like to display so far! The other thing I don't like about the dash is the off-centre location - that will have to change. Pete
  6. By 1991 Connolly had moved from the earlier cellulose leather paint (like my 1974 Elite) to a plastic type (I don't know exactly when this happed) - very little feed gets through to the leather itself with the later leather - it's mainly about keeping it clean. You can feed from the reverse if the seat covers are removed. The solvent based finisher would come off again with a solvent - thinners, for instance. The water based one is very difficult to remove afterwards - just like the leather paint in your Esprit. You can't buff the matt finishers really - and after feeding all the feed would be sat on the surface anyway!. The water based ones are more matt than the solvent based ones. Most of the modern colour-changing products are polyurethane type paints - again impossible to "feed" through and virtually impossible to remove again - it's the reason I'm going to dye my Elite seats rather than to paint them with modern paint. I'll then use a solvent based finisher - this combination will allow the finisher to be removed later (for what ever reason) and you're back to the leather itself - re-dying/feeding etc.. Pete
  7. You can get both water-based and solvent-based leather finishing products that will give a matt finish. Spray on with air brush/detailing gun. Some of the water-based ones wipe on. Pete
  8. Anyone else see Mike Kimberly on repair shop? Should be on the BBC iPlayer soon - worth watching! Pete
  9. Didn't expect to see Mike Kimberley himself on there! Excellent. Should be on the BBC iPlayer soon. Pete
  10. I notice that it has the spare wheel in the boot rather than under-slung and it's a 1977 car. I've been wondering when they changed, but it seems very uncertain. Pete
  11. Looking at the specs for 1C engine sealant - it has a working time of 5 - 7minutes. Are you getting it tightened down quick enough? It's an epoxy resin. I think I'd change to the Lotus recommended sealant before you go taking the head off for further investigation. A136 is an anaerobic sealant - it gives you about 30 minutes to get it all tightened down. Let us know how you get on Roman. Pete
  12. I'm fitting a slightly smaller diameter wheel with a thicker grip. Certain MGBs have the same splines, and modern hubs come in two parts - I'm just using the bit that fits on the splines and making an adapter to match the mounting pattern for the wheel (Momo). Other than buying the hub I've made no progress 🙄 - busy building what might be the world's narrowest Salisbury 4HA axle for the Elite (7HA not up to it). Pete
  13. I'll have a look at my Elite shafts to see if they are the same. Thanks for that! Pete
  14. If it's leaking from the cylinder head joint either the head or the cam housing is distorted, or there is some irregularity in one of the surfaces. Is your car a later one that doesn't use a gasket? What sealant are you using - I use Permabond A136. Pete
  15. Your experience with sub-standard parts is exactly like mine - so frustrating. Pete
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