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Walk-up and walk-away lock

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I use the key fob, now protected in that handy leather case bought on aliexpress. My car unlocks fine when I walk up to it, but it does not lock when I walk away.  Is this a bug?  Do we have to wait for another software update (I am on 1.3.0) for the walk-away lock to be activated?

Anyhow, as described so far, this may feel like an issue of minor importance. On several occasions I have had my keys with me when I have walked near the car, so that car has unlocked without me noticing. This is dangerous as the car then stays unlocked until the next time that I need it. 

Do you all have the same issue?  Or am I doing something daft?




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I think the auto-unlock can be turned off in the settings. 

The locking on walking away does not work for me either.  Lotus customer care told me it should do this after 5 minutes - which I have tested without success at home.  But 5 minutes does not seem sensible anyway - in a public place I would want to actually see the car locking as I am walking away to have confidence that it is locked.

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I've done some more testing:

If I unlock the car with the key fob button, and do nothing, the car relocks after 30 seconds

If I approach the car with the key fob so that the doors unlock, but walk away again without opening anything, the car relocks after 30 seconds.

I am on software version 1.3


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If you walk up to the car, it unlocks, you use it, get out, walk away, I wasn't aware of any car deciding to lock it for you without either the key fob being pressed, or the door handle sensor being swiped to lock it - or wherever the sensor is on the Electre (I seem to think I read somewhere its on the pillar between front and rear doors???).  This is certainly how the keyless cars I've had have worked



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I have a quick update regarding walk-away locking. The function in fact is not active. The customer needs to touch on the doorhandle to lock and it will not lock upon walking away. 
If a customer came close to the car and the car unlocked, but did not open the car and walked away, then in 45s it will automatically close. But if the door was once opened, then it will not close and has to touch the door to lock. 
Largely this is for the customer's safety/sec. By needing to be in contact with the vehicle to ensure locking, it doesn't leave any opening for someone to for example swoop in. 


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