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  1. Techyd

    Lotus Emira

    This is such a mess to read about; is Lotus Customer Services in anyway connected to the production line management, planning and comms. I don't see how it is difficult to get the right information to the customer after two years of build time having now elapsed?! Frankly it seems nothing short of sabotage somewhere in the ranks to be this bad so consistently.
  2. Since you have had an Evora and it hasn't made the final two, then it sounds like you don't at all mind the comprise both Elise and Exige would need for motorway driving. With the touring packs fitted, both those options would be doable; if it were me, I'd probably go with the Elise. However, as per @jep suggestion above, I think the other option you've got is the Exige Roadster, very pretty, a better appointed cabin for longer distances (heated seats if I recall!) and slightly more subtle suspension....I think that will give you driving feels you need whilst making that commute ever-so-slightly more tolerable https://editorial.recombu.com/cars/article/lotus-exige-s-roadster-video-review-reveals-it-s-as-savage-as-ever Watch the video πŸ™‚
  3. Sounds good - currently clear for me and I've just been serviced and MOT'd πŸ™‚
  4. Perhaps they won’t touch it? It has to be getting tempting for someone?!
  5. That's a steal for the lucky person with the funds right now!
  6. That's all very well, but have they started galvanising their chassis yet? I recall (on this forum) someone was told to get rid of their nearly three year old MG as it was starting to ROT and would not be passing its MOT when it is due... So, good to be super cheaper for the consumer but bad for any viable and sustainable product to alleviate climate change; this manufacturer, I don't think, wants to make a difference, just sell cheap cars to be disposed of and replaced every few years 😞
  7. Great progress, love the halo light idea πŸ™‚
  8. I think I read somewhere that Octopus have secured 500million investment to expand their EV car business...so they are continuing to push EVs that nobody wants but where / how were they able to secure such a vast sum - someone somewhere thinks the tide will turn presumably and it will all come good??
  9. Opposite Loomies - Interesting!
  10. If you walk up to the car, it unlocks, you use it, get out, walk away, I wasn't aware of any car deciding to lock it for you without either the key fob being pressed, or the door handle sensor being swiped to lock it - or wherever the sensor is on the Electre (I seem to think I read somewhere its on the pillar between front and rear doors???). This is certainly how the keyless cars I've had have worked
  11. Instead of giving the properties driveways and space back from the road they've filled in the middle with a parking lot, and then, put two coach houses in there as well that look straight in to the property behind them (assuming it has back windows but wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't!) Utter madness! It's Sim City for sure @C8RKH
  12. Techyd

    Formula One

    That is quite shocking really, I don't think the drivers or teams in general will have any support or faith in the FIA if they do this. While the decision and result stands, I was essentially under the impression that it was broadly acknowledged that the rules were applied incorrectly and if the situation were to repeat they would not be applied in the same way (i.e. allow all cars to unlap, complete full lap and essentially finish under safety car). I'd seriously consider giving F1 up if it happened in any authoritative role.
  13. Yes, I think it is overlooked that they are privately run and in my area at least these businesses are expanding - in to 'health trusts' that operate basically all the local GP practices which now use the same bad processes and closed loops. The website for my GP is quite literally a round-robin of hyperlinks. It is single handily the most infuriating site to navigate in order to try and get some help. The service is simply not patient focused at all but of course we must smile and play the game or the receptionist does not give us an appointment, ever.
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