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Elise S1 Suspension Setup

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Hi, after some more advice please.


My Elise will shortly be having its suspension set up. It will be on a newly fitted Bilstein S2 kit, tyre sizes 195/50/15 front 225/45/16 rear and will be for road use only....My question is, should I be asking for any particular setup values or will it be ok to let them get on with it and set it to what the default settings are.


Thanks and Merry Christmas to all



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TDI at Lakeside have a Hunter machine (as used at Hethel) and a wealth of experience setting up Elise/Exige cars. Tell them how you'd like it to drive and they'll do the rest! 


If you want it to drive like when it was new, any decent garage will have the values they need to set it to programmed into their machine. 

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I have the same suspension and had it geo'd at Essex autosport.

I will dig out the setup sheet and post it on here when I find it.

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