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  1. this week, LotusRescue took another step upwards. After selling off the last recovery truck I had due to a myriad of ongoing electrical problem's, I took the decision that another one was badly needed and took the plunge and and splashed out on a newer, longer, more up to date truck with a lightweight Sapcote leaf and the extras. This one is not a tilt slide which I will miss, but it has slide out ramps which extend to over 12 feet, long enough for the lowest of cars and easily stowed and used. Also redesigned the logo with the help of Logo Monkey of Peterhead who are a local company and volunteered to fit the logos to my truck and van free of charge. More pics to follow once I take some decent ones, but here's a sneak preview.
  2. Hi guys. Sorry i've not been on much of late, just been hellish busy with major ongoing projects. The complete rebuild of the S1 is ongoing a bit slower than I hoped due to late deliveries from several suppliers. The client then decided to move on from the S1 and go to the S2, which was then dragged from storage and we had a window of a week to do a full strip down to take advantage of a window at the paint shop. Wendy volunteered to help with the strip down and got stuck in with what she could handle, and did pretty well for mainly working with one good hand and arm. Car was stripped in a week, send off to our glass fiber specialists along with a spare roof panel and an aftermarket sunroof delete carried out. These guys did another stunning job for me. some of you may know the story of the 5 car yard find that I was asked to help assess and dispose of for the lady who had been left with it on the passing of her partner of 35 years, so that landed up a flat out period, but buyer's were found for all but 1 car with prices being attained in line with current market values. The last car to be uncovered was an S3 N/A which had been in storage for 29+ years and only 25k miles on her. Of course, I landed up buying her and bringing her home. Engine was test run ( went through a long process before starting) for about 30 seconds then shut down. It was obvious the clutch was knacked, so a complete new assembly was required, again with parts in short supply and a delivery time of 3/4 weeks which was no good for me as I needed the ramp. I managed to source a company who would refurbish both the pressure plate and friction plate at a fraction of the cost from the usual suppliers (may offer this service if enough requirement) and a new thrust bearing, clutch fork and spring. May as well do the lot. Since then I found details of a previously crashed S3 which had been restored just prior to hitting and going over a wall and and could offer an abundance of nearly new parts which included brake callipers, s/steel brake flexi hoses, brake discs front and rear, that ended in a huge saving. Hopefully the gearbox will be back in and new belts, tensioner bearing etc fitted up this weekend. just as an add on. Mrs W went and bought herself another Eclat to replace Banana which we sold to her long time custodian several years ago. The clincher that made her buy it was the fact that our old one had registration number KAH 534V, a friend had KAH 533V and this one is KAH 532V. I've got about two weeks to get her running and ready for our big show. No pressure then. 1st view.mp4
  3. Andy. Got FB and look for LotusRescue John Walsh and you will see a compilation of the videos from 1st finding view, too dragging her out, getting her home, quick washdown and gentle startup. Thats the bit that gets me excited when you get some power, spark, fuel and ignition and you know you are the 1st person to hear it run in 30 years. It's bloody awesome. Even though I only ran her for about 30 seconds.
  4. Update couple of days ago. New rear glass fitted and tailgate back on. Sunroof repaired and now closes and seals. And for todays instalment. Busy day ahead moving cars about, but went up early this morning to the garage to spend a couple of hours on my own car and see if there was life in the girl. She's been sitting for a few days with oil in the bores just for safety sake as I has previously turned her over from the crank. Stuck a battery in her and after a couple of dunt's on the starter solenoid she spun over with obvious spark at the leads. So being brave, plugs refitted, dummy fuel tank set up with an SU pump feeding directly to the carbs. The ever helpful Wendy Walsh in the seat and turned the key as requested. Bloody hell, didn't she just fire. Carb tops off for quick visual and both appeared to be spotlessly clean and the needles moving freely, so fired up the remote fuel tank, half choke and try a start. And away she went, bit smokey to start with due to the oil in the bores, but she did sound good. Only run her for about 40 seconds or so then shut her off. But man, I'm well chuffed. Original 30+ year old plugs, distributor cap was never touched, obviously oil, water etc all checked prior to crossing my fingers. Still can't load videos, so try this way. You can scroll down the link and you will find all the video's. If you click more comments, that will open the latest video of 1st start. I hope https://www.facebook.com/groups/18682611768/posts/10159970486046769/?comment_id=10159990350266769&notif_id=1713594220518654&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif
  5. Update. The glass comes out of the replacement tailgate and gets fitted to my one on Wednesday. Hopefully, unbroken and fitted all in one piece.
  6. Update. Complete tailgate collected today. Hopefully the glass will be safely removed and fitted to my car this coming week by a local company that I use to remove and refit windscreens when sending cars for resprays making her complete again.
  7. And today, it just gets better. I have been offered a tailgate complete with glass from a friend who wrote off his 1st Esprit about 10/12 years ago. To be collected this weekend, and it's reasonably local. I have a company not too far from me organised to remove the glass from that tailgate and fit to her own one. Another result.
  8. Nice one Filip. I managed to open it with the link. Gave her a soft wash today to clear the 29 years of dust and crap. Did some digging into her history as well and found that it was 29 years exactly yesterday (the day we pulled her out) since she went into storage. So it was a happy birthday to A 192 MBF or as Wendy has named her. My Best Friend lol. And No, she is not getting her. Had another great bit of news as well. Had a message from one of our early club members to say that he still had the S3 tailgate from the car he wrote off 10/12 years ago and that it was available for sale too me if I wanted it. Quick phone call, price agreed which was reasonable and plans made to go collect end of this week, company organised to remove from the tailgate and fit to my one. Result. Did I mention that we also got a brand spanking new Stainless Steel exhaust which still has the Lotus products name on it. Result after result. Happy bunny.
  9. I have a short video Andy, but the system wont let me post it. I thought with Gold status I would have some increased allowance, but all I can get is a snipe. I will get some pics tomorrow once I have more time and she's up the yard.
  10. So here she is after last weeks reveal. I had to take a day out for the rescue. Two vans, 2 cars trailers and an estate car to the 1st location and vans and one trailer loaded with the 1968 MGB GC plus all the parts. Then onto the 2nd location to reveal the S3 N/A. First time the doors have been opened in 29 years. Two hours to clear all the gear that had been stacked up in the garage, another 2 too free off the rear brake callipers, and another couple too free of the cross gate and hokey stick selectors as both were seized. Surprisingly, one tyre was still fully inflated after 29 years !!!. the remaining three took air with no problem. Strategically placed soft slings and a wee tug, and out she comes. Far easier than any of us expected. Big thanks to Wendy Walsh, for her patience today, and a couple of friends who came to help out. Kev, Aaran and Kyle. I have a short video of the reveal, but for some reason the system wont allow it.
  11. Swap for a certain Red one as I already have an almost exact copy of this one, only it has a turbo.
  12. And here she is. Wendy, (my long suffering important other half) the previous owners partner and her son spent 11 bloody cold and wet hours moving three of the other cars from the group. We changed/swapped/inflated/humped 3 sets of wheels, swapped 3 batteries, pushed a bloody big heavy BM, dragged, pushed pulled one of the Alphas kicking and screaming uphill, up a drive then maneuvered it in front of the big house alongside the other two cars that we had already given the same treatment, so that the garage doors are clear for the final reveal to daylight this coming Wednesday. This will be the first time these garage doors have been opened since April 1995 and that will reveal one of my favourite cars. Yep. Lotus Esprit S3 N/A. Total miles covered, 23,351. 1st owner for 2 years, then the current owner since and up to today where she now belongs to her new owner. ME. Along with the car comes several box's of spare parts which the previous owner had purchased over the years purely in case he would ever need them, that includes a full exhaust system. The stunning part is inside the car there is NO damp, NO mildew or mould which I find truly surprising. Getting her out is going to be a bit of a challenge as all four wheels are none surprisingly flat, the brakes are all stuck on, it's an uphill pull and it's on a loose gravel drive where we can get no traction as we found today while moving the other three cars. But, it will be done, she will be dragged out onto the street through a very narrow wall entrance which if not careful can catch your car door mirror's and rip them off, ( don't ask how I know ) and onto a main road which just for fun is on a bend and on the brow of a hill. Wonderful. Now, if someone could tell me how to attach a small video clip, I would do that and take the snapshot pics off.
  13. Couple of weeks back a nice woman from further down the coast contacted me too see if I could help her sort out several cars left by her late partner. She explained that the whole estate had gone through probate and she was now the legal owner but had no clue how to value them prior to disposal. The fleet consisted of three nice Alpha Romeos, a BMW 525i, an MGB GC and a fifth which was hidden away in a garage and had not seen light of day since April 1995. This car in particular was why she had tracked me down and got in contact. We organised a day trip down to have a look at the fleet and see how we could help her out. the 1967 MGB GC had been completely dismantled in the late 80's with plans for restoration. This I was surprised at given the current condition of the car, never mind how it had looked when taken off the road. The trio of Alpha's were also in pretty good condition as on their last outing had been covered in a wax substance and put under cover's. The BM had been used as his daily driver and had been parked on the drive during all the proceedings. However, like all his other cars it was obvious that the car had been well cared for. Car No.5 was the last one I had too look over and I was gob smacked to see what it was. Half under covers of sheets and cardboard and completely covered in dust, surrounded by parts of the BGT GC all in box's. Sadly, some youngster had put a brick through one of the Perspex roof panels which had then gone through one of the cars windows leaving the usual mess of a shattered car window. Now, for more info you will have to come back tomorrow evening, as early tomorrow morning we are off on a three hour drive, with a van load of tools, jacks, compressor, starter jump pack and god knows what else and a camera to catch the moment that the garage doors open for the 1st time in 29 years too reveal her in all her beauty. And guess what. She is now MINE.
  14. On a happy note. LotusRescue have had another bit of expansion by having to take on another part of the building, now shed No3. This is to be used as a clean assembly area and the 1st project, an early S1 Esprit already has her chassis in there on stands having just come back from strengthening, blast cleaning and painting with a further S2 and an Elan to follow. Once the projects are built up to rolling shell's, they now go into building No2 for assembly which includes the shells and fitting out. Area 1 now has a nice gantry crane which can travel the length of the building for lifting engines in and out as it can also travers the building. Handy or not, oh yes. Looks like the next 12 months is going to be heads up and ass down with little time for anything else.
  15. So sorry to hear the news Anthony. Please pass our best respects and condolences to Wendy and the rest of the family.
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