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  1. Out and about in Manhattan this weekend 🙂
  2. Correct! there are gaps. If you shine a torchlight underneath you'll see the light come through in those areas. I think people were expecting very obvious "vents" but this is not the case. Mine is 2018 so early batch and it's the same.
  3. Received very well for the most part 👍 Have got some "nice Elise bruh, is that a K-Swap?" comments though 😂
  4. Paid a visit to my local Lotus dealership and attended some local cars & coffees on the weekends... A lot of inquisitive people usually asking the same question ie. how is this car in the US 🙂
  5. To some extent it is. Going through the usual companies, the Cup 430 isn't on any drop down list. Eventually I found Hagerty which is a specialist in high end and classics only. The requirements are a US driving license and proof of use of other vehicles as this should not be your only means of transport, along with limited mileage.
  6. So a little update.. I decided a while ago to explore the idea of shipping my 430 to the US. Obviously they're not sold there which would make it a very unique prospect! After some initial discussion with an import specialist on the east coast, I decided the easiest option is to import it temporarily and keep it on UK plates. There was some movement with getting it registered under Show and Display, but the DoT ended up registering the Final Edition on the approved list. Another option would be to federalise it and put US plates on but there is a huge cost attached to this (as well as various pedestrian safety add ons that would need to be carried out). So in a container it went and before I knew it, it's now on US soil 🙂 Hopefully it'll get to travel around the US, am looking to do as much as possible with it! The eagle has landed 🦅
  7. Car looked great! Quite a few of us in the area, will have to schedule a meet up sometime soon!
  8. 👋👋 saw you drive past
  9. Paul, Valter who lives down the road from you in our group has one 😂
  10. Yup, it's been on my splitter for a year and a half now and works great 👍🏻
  11. Extremely useful on the skid pan (in the wet). Out of the 5 cars in our group, 3 were 430 Cups (with oem tc dial) and we could feel the difference between 1% and 3%, or fully off for example. Normal and Sport modes would just cut power to try to get grip from the rear wheels. Race worked very well, as well as 1% slip.
  12. Day out at Thruxton skid pan last weekend with some other Exiges on here. Spent some time going through Sport, Race and the 6-way TC in the wet, which was very helpful. Added bonus of being able to watch the Tuscan GP in between our turns in the paddock 🙂
  13. Thanks @Arun_D 👍, I'll be in a similar boat as Matt... Will know travel plans by next month and plan accordingly!
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