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    Current.. Kawasaki Green 380 Sport with KT Ex460 - 1973 Élan Sprint DHC Lagoon Blue over White - S2 111S Elise Starlight Black
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  1. Hi really sorry, didn’t see the reply. But the answer is nope….
  2. I have a set…. Maybe 6000 miles on them. cheers
  3. Maybw South West Lotus Centre, heard good things from them. thanks
  4. Hi DAve, Might try January for a looksee, all my cars off the road over winter. thanks Mark
  5. Hi @superdavelotus I live on the Wirral and never heard of the C&C meet, where it held and how often? I’m in Willaston so wherever it is can’t be far from me. cheers Mark
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Update.... Looks like the battery voltage didn't drop too low and it was saved by the auto cut-off. Gone through the charge phase and now doing the testing bit. Fingers crossed....
  8. Bump to this thread... Just got back from work after 5 weeks and I think the battery has been off charge for 5 weeks? Charger is in "SAVE" mode, but don't hold out much hope, although it is fitted with the automatic cut out. So any idea where where I can get another from.... B&C want a whopping £1880.00. cheers Mark
  9. Question… when you look on the B&C website all the spoiler base plates have different part numbers 350/380/410/420/430. Is it because of the curvature of the rear deck, between Carbon and fibreglass, is different? cheers
  10. Yeah, several times. What always amazes me is just how small it is compared to modern stuff. A proper “Tardis” inside…
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