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  1. My first feedback on road : - the car is more stable - the front end is sharper, the car seems lighter - less understeer - I feel the increased torque - sound is more "mettalic", more louder at low revs - the brake seems awesome, but I have to drive more before to use the full brake power Everything is fine and the car seems clearly improved. Of course the real judgment will be done after trackday. Maybe a small video on the autobahn is coming
  2. Ohlins : Toelink : Airbox installed : Ready for the dyno :
  3. The EV475 kit parts : manifold, y-pipe, carbon airbox
  4. Here we go. At Mendig for the whole week. Kobra 4-4 with PFC pads.
  5. So we plan to print these parts A138B0047F , A138B0046F. I don't have the price yet, is someone is interested please PM me.
  6. Even if the main improvement to do is on the driver, I have decided to make some modifications with KT : - Öhlins TTX - Toelink upgrade - Trackday chassis setup - KoBra 4-4 Brake Upgrade - EV4-475 Power Upgrade Everything will be done at Mendig directly, beginning of April 2024. I bought a second set of wheels and I plan to test some different tyres. I will share here with the community some pictures, feedback and feelings about the modifications. In 2025, I also plan to go further with the modifications and go for 500HP or 600HP power upgrade with forged internals and DCT. For that I would like to compare Komo-tec solution with Jubu solution. I plan also to visit Jubu HQ this year to see what they have to propose. This is of course a most risky and complex step. We will speak about that later. I have made some videos to compare my old Exige 440 IPS with my stock Evora GT410 IPS , very excited to see what it will be with this upgraded Evora : https://dai.ly/x8rfu65 https://dai.ly/x8rfu9b
  7. @Theshur interesting . I got good feedback from Vone Racing. They made the reprog of my previous Exige with the EX460 kit. You are not worried with so much power without engine internals upgrade ?
  8. If someone is interested I sell my performance box, time to test something else
  9. thank you. also thinking about starting a new huge project upgrade based on the GT410.
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