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  1. That’s a really good observation. I didn’t check that level of detail but the matching front from G80 M3 is 275/35/19…. Might be push to fit that on evora rim😂😂
  2. For Evora 400 owners I found this video very interesting. You can get the BMW * marked PS4S in lotus sizes…. If you go 245 on front instead of 235 (which lotus does on the 430 wirh same rim dimension) seems like dream spec for a tyre to me. Let’s face it if it wasn’t for fast Cup2 arent great in wet everyone would use them. These star marked that take the PS4S closer to Cup2 dry performance but still allow car to be use in poorer conditions (more so than Cup 2 anyway) for fast road / track users seems perfect
  3. I have little experience of the lotus sport (although I think my S2 exige had one) but I and many friends have installed 2bular on various cars. I put 2bular on my exige S3 which I just sold and will be buying one for my inbound evora 400. I don’t think you can get a better made exhaust. Sound is subjective but there are that many options from 2bular and Jim (owns 2bular) is so helpful at getting you the right exhaust that you will struggle to go wrong 👍
  4. I hope your right. I will be selling my 2014 exige in a few months and buying my mates 2017 evora 400 so win / win if it’s true 😃
  5. Thanks for the update. I did read though the large other thread after posting my original comment. Sounds like a good mod😃
  6. Hi glad you are happy with this kit im currently considering an evora 400 purchase and have started looking at mods as in base form I don’t feel it’s any quicker than my exige S and man maths dictates a new car must always be faster 😃 do you have any “before” curves please? As with any dyno chart it doesn’t mean a great deal on its own.
  7. Nice comparison. My mate has an Evora 400 that I’ve driven and compared with my exige S I could pretty much copy and paste what you said. I think an evora will be my next car after 2.5 years in an S2 and nearly 6 in my S3. different proposition to the exige, but still typically lotus and still rarer than most other exotica a 2,3,4 times the price. exhaust note is great but too loud. Actually pretty stupid of lotus making it that loud considering how many of their cars see track use. My mate got black flagged at donny last year
  8. Have a look on here and make your own mind up👍
  9. 2bular various options available and the only properly engined solution in my opinion (I have no affiliation with 2bular, besides being customer)
  10. looks great 👍 Will these be available for the alias23 store? It’s something I’ve thought about for ages but balked at price of bits from lotus and don’t have skill to make my own.
  11. It Will be a function of speed and rpm. It works in Harry’s laptimer so fairly straight forward I think. You need to enter all the gear ratios in Harry’s Laptimer
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