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  1. Just got to be carefull changing straps and you have to carefully remove the springbars that come with the new strap with the quick release system as although quality spring bars will not properly fit the rolex and damage the lugs or worse pop out and you don't want that
  2. Nice collection just changed the strap on my sea dweller bought years ago paid £4150 fitted a Hirsch rubber as I'm not a fan of steel straps . And still got my Eterna military watch
  3. Drove around in a 718 GT4 4.0L very nice indeed nice short throw box very precise and excellent build quality 420 bhp very impressed .Everybody on here seems to knock porsche I've been lucky enough to drive quite a few All the caymans the 4 cyl ones not great to be honest and wasn't impressed with the 911 bit heavey even the 911T with no back seats and beautiful carbon front seats see below , seemed heavy and loads of road noise . Boxster ok the 3.8L spider was good but stupid roof looks cool with the flying canvas buttresses but absolutely rubbish to put up in real life Would I have one yes have I got one no love my S2 Exige 240bhp plenty and fun more visceral and in some way seems more special but that's just my view Oh and the 981 is quite easey to service except coolant change is a propper mess about
  4. I've herd of the screen fitters banging chocks in to lift the clam rather than remove and cracking it. As mentioned clam off then they've full access and your hopefully get a better job all round
  5. Think your lucky the bushes on my S2 aren't even bushes more just plastic sleeves. Done 32k so can't really complain
  6. Just insured S2 Exige 240 pp fully comprehensive with ESURE including 11 years ncd protected and legal cover 5000m a year garaged at night in SE9 £246 I'm 55 last year with L.V £309 and renew was £374 was £305 Hastings direct or could have gone with Marmalade for £227 oh and that includes noted modification of non standard exhaust 2bular most ice ever paid was I think about £500 when I first got it 12 years ago
  7. Don't blame the bloke one bit porsche driver has nothing to do with it . Rather people take pictures than come back to damage and the hassle and cost that goes along with it . Parked at goodwood yesterday for members day and I can honestly say people were superb but that's because they are car people. I always look at whoes next to me worst is a 4×4 with child seats and yes my own kids kicked my door open onto my friends new BMW 5 series when they were small so I know kids will be kids
  8. May well be related had the same fault on a 04 lexus abs firing at load speeds Connected fault code reader and rear of side readout showing no speed when travelling slow but started reading when at higher speed . Removed the sensor and found that the relucror ring had been ground down by corrosion forcing the stainless sheld inside the hub to machine the ring down . Ended replacing with new and now all good yours may be worn or corroded
  9. A Moroso sump not fitted to an S3 exige but an S2 Toyota exige I assume the flap arrangemen will be the same just makesure the mating faces are clean and oil free and leave the sealant to cure properly maybe 24Hours depending on type used first picture is without the top baffle fitted so you can see the flaps
  10. My s2 exige belt would cherp a bit when A/C on and was under more load changed the belt no more chirping so opposite to yours ??
  11. 4 hours from Bristol 234 miles google maps. Sounds ambitious to me as it takes me 4 hours to do 136 miles from Greenwich to Swindon each day either way Just me I would pick up from the factory and stay over night and make a trip of it. I wouldn't miss picking my new lotus up from the factory awsome. .
  12. Just as good as any of the others it's all about the price and choice
  13. I just took the wheels only and the idiots still damaged 2 of them Certainly don't trust them to jack it up properly and remove the nuts and re torque them It's modern life if you can't do it yourself there's a good chance it won't be done properly.
  14. I don't take my exige anywhere near a tyre shop I take the wheels off remove the weights carefully then clean all the brake dust off as they will just stick the weights ontop of the crap and they fly and expressly ask them to not damage the wheels and guess what they still do
  15. ASDA tyers just makesure you tell the fitters you choose to ballance them properly and don't damage the wheels when fitting all fitted to 2007 exige correct sizes and speed and load rating for my car
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