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  1. @Joseph Antabi is this the same switch that lotus sells? And you say you didn't need them to activate it through the ECU? I had the dealer install the OEM exhaust button switch but they had to activate it to work through the ECU - it also only works in normal mode. For track days I just plug the vacuum hose (mentioned earlier in this thread) so I can have the exhaust fully open on sport/race mode. However, I just can't be bothered anymore even though it's less than a minute to access the vacuum line so I leave it plugged all the time. Just curious how yours works in all modes without even the dealer enabling it through the ECU. My car is a 430 cup.
  2. I usually go either 12% or full off.
  3. I got my cup2 tires from camskill. No specific variant was made for the exige to my knowledge.
  4. Last weekend at Bahrain International Circuit
  5. As a matter of fact, yes they do. It's nothing unbearable though. I mostly use my car on track so it doesn't bother me.
  6. @Tex I also was happy with my OEM pads and wanted something similar. I replaced my OEM pads with PFC 08 - quite pleased with them.
  7. Happened to me once on my 430. Luckily it happened while I was collecting the car from the dealer during a service visit. I don't know what they did though. Collected it the next day and it was fine. Sorry not very helpful.
  8. Approx 4500kms...mostly track mileage!
  9. Couple of shots from an open track day a couple's of days ago
  10. For me it turned out to be a coolant reservoir+cap leak and therefore showing me the spanner symbol. I took it to lotus and they identified the problem right away from the spanner and identified the problem. They ordered a new reservoir+cap and all is good now.
  11. 18 months ownership and over 4500kms of which 90% are track driven and I didn't notice any unusual wear on mine. Seems to be holding up just fine so far. Rear fender plastic extension did come off during the first 500kms though.
  12. I was wondering if mileage would show but the last image you posted shows it on the bottom of the screen @alias23 I assume if you revert back to the stock dash mileage would carry over as well? I'm probably in as well!
  13. @Nightfire Great! Thanks. One last thing, did you ask them to mount it like that or is that the updated procedure from lotus?
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