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Community Answers

  1. If the black housing is separating from the T fitting, that doesn't sound right. On the parts diagram and service notes it looks like a single unit so I wouldn't try fixing it with zip ties. If it's a screw fitting you shouldn't be able to just push the sensor back in, it sounds like the thread may be stripped. Definitely get a new part. You may have to bite the bullet for the cost of the new pipe assembly.
  2. I've got the series 1 and it doesn't have the fuel pressure sensor or the black housing. Is the pressure sensor a screw fit into the housing or is it a push fit? If its a push fit are the O rings in good condition? When you pushed the sensor back into the black housing did it seal or was there any fuel still leaking out of it? If there are no better solutions, maybe you could jury rig a fix using plastic zip ties to hold the sensor in the housing. It will only cost pennies.
  3. Looking at the Lotus parts online web site the diagram shows it as item 22 but their web page only scrolls down to item 18, which may be why your mechanics said that the full fuel line was required. The DeRoure web site here in the UK does allow you to scroll down to item 22, which gave me the serial number of the part which allowed me to search the part on Lotus parts online. edit: sorry just seen your previous post
  4. Hi Suzuki I am guessing that you are based in the USA. You may be lucky, from the description you have given it sounds like you may be able to just replace the sensor as an individual part. Lotus Evora Fuel pressure sensor-kit - A132L6062S | Lotus Parts Online, Birmingham MI I don't know if it can be found cheaper from other manufacturers. From your pictures it looks like it is just a push fit into the fuel line and we can't see if there are other issues with your fuel line. Good luck.
  5. mg4lotus

    Emira GT4

    One for @Evotion ?
  6. I've not tried the tin foil under armpits 🤪 Have you tried strapping the key fob to the side of your head as that will extend the range if the signal is a bit weak.
  7. I saw an article that stated Volvo (Geely) would be moving production to Belgium to avoid the tariffs. I'm not sure that it would make economic sense to do the same for Lotus.
  8. Probably not a Lotus dealer........ Oh... hang on a minute....
  9. Italy? Spaghetti junction? There are a lot of white cars.
  10. Aha, that makes more sense. The only thing I could equate it to was a degaussing device with a ferrite core that you sometimes see on leads for IT equipment, but on a larger scale.
  11. Back in Jan 6th I reported on here about thieves cutting off the charger cables, after a couple of months they were replaced and shortly after that they were cut off again. Probably the ones mentioned in the article. Well, last week they have been replaced again and after a week they are still there. So, either the newly fitted cameras are doing their job or the scumbags aren't making enough money out of it. Now I put my tin foil hat on. The street lamp has some shielding fitted around it, presumably to protect from radiation or electro-magnetism. Is it safe to be near a charger when it is in use? You can see the shadow of the lamp post on the green box so it is not as close to the charger as it looks in the photo.
  12. Just checked my Evora insurance and I've got the commuting....... I've been retired for 18 months. 🤣 And I changed my occupation to retired. My daily driver, Volvo, I don't have commuting. I think I know where I went wrong, for the Evora I just renewed with the same provider as it was the best quote, but the Volvo, I switched provider due to a better quote at renewal.
  13. I learned to drive in a Mini, but it didn't look quite like that. Occasionally, it had to be put in second before it would go into first and that happened on my test, not a problem as I passed anyway.
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