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  1. So just found this: "Cost of Living in Cyprus vs UK. Life in Cyprus is generally a lot cheaper than that in the United Kingdom and other European countries. If you do a quick comparison, you'll find that the actual living costs are around 57% lower in the Republic than in the United Kingdom." And this "of the 167,000 non Cypriot Citizens in the Republic nearly 60,000 are UK expats followed by Greek, Romanian, Filipino and Bulgarians. The number of UK residents has grown from 26,600 in 2011 to 57360 in 2022." So nearly 10% of the population is British. They love the Brits who live out there, not so keen on the Brits on the piss from what some of my mates there tell me. They love older people and Families but the young drunk holiday makers spoil their peace I think You think its any better here mate? They just saved my moms life after she had Heart Failure. they were Awesome but thats only because my wife is a nurse of 20 years and my Daughter a Doctor and they told me everything I needed to say and do to get the best care. if someone who knows nothing had tried to do it she wouldn't even have got an ambulance on the hurryup! Would have been 4 hours and they said she would have been dead in 1.
  2. Last year (which is why I couldn't find a place to buy) they had a golden residency ticket for a £250k Asset (including house) investment. Think its more this year.
  3. https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk/complaints/guide-to-complaints-process I think you have a case to state if this was against a female then it would have been dealt with differently. hence discrimination. However I also think you have a discussion around the fact that nothing has been done, she is still harrassing you and affecting your kids and its causing you to fear for your life, Alarm harrassment and distress
  4. Healthcare is free at entry but you pay a minimal fee for some. But we are not talking America here more Australia/NZ level. Used to be a British Colony so healthcare, Social system etc very much based on UK but with a more modern flavour.
  5. I have never found dull grey and damp wins out to warm sunny and much cheaper. I can eat fresh food for half the price In Cyprus. Veg's, Salads, Cured meats etc all much much cheaper. They don't have cows on the Island but their Fillet Steak is nearly half the price. They don't make scotch whiskey but their Jonny Walker is £14 a bottle. When I eat out I nearly always have fresh fish or shellfish. Huge plate of Calamari, King Prawns, Mussells and Octopus, with Chips for 2 and Greek Salad for 2 £14. What is expensive? Erm.......... Their version of our council tax is £300 a year...oh wait....no. Their Fuel is e135 a litre.....oh wait......erm Ahhhh Yes! Their housing is around £250k for a 3 bed villa with land and a pool........... oh wait. Why wouldn't you retire to places like that?
  6. They are and it is. Positive Discrimination due to your sex IMHO.
  7. Russia has kept their numbers of dead secret but recent BBC investigations have proven a minimum of 50,000 in the last year. 26500 the year before but these are only the ones they could confirm. Bound to be substantially more. Their tactics seem to be send everyone forward with no experience or training and see where they all get killed from then hit it with Artillery. Nice to see a caring military in action! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-68819853
  8. You can check it out on 1st May!! BBC One - The Repair Shop, Series 13, Episode 3
  9. If you aren't already, Use those words in every contact from now on and make sure they are 100% aware you are "in fear of violence and serious harm, Alarm and distress. "
  10. In Italy everyone talks about the West Coast, Sorento Amalfi etc. But If you look at the East Coast Prices can be much cheaper. Go 20 mins inland and you can nab an absolute bargain!
  11. Thailand is meant to be nice, we have a friend out there who got a lovely 3 bed villa with a pool for less than £250,000. Cyprus is not just about the beaches. TBH I would love to have a little business out there but I'm lazy and having worked in the Rental Industry for 17 years I reckon I would end up working part time at a car hire place. There's loads of opportunities out there for Brits as an Ex Colony and its all English Speaking. Have you looked at Canada? Easier to work than USA due to being commonwealth country. Know Several People who have moved to Costa Rica and loved every second. Obviously there's Australia if you meet the emigration Criterea money or career wise. Italy. I worked in Italy for a while and its super welcoming for Brits and only took me 2 weeks to sort my permits etc out once I was out there....... yes I didn't plan, I jumped on a plane and made it up as I went.
  12. This surely comes under different laws now? You should really be thinking along these lines. "harassment (putting people in fear of violence) or stalking (involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress): the maximum sentence is 10 years' custody." Use those words in every contact from now on and make sure they are 100% aware you are in fear of violence and serious harm, Alarm and distress.
  13. Whats she gonna do? report you for "making the grass look nice?" when she wanted to keep it looking shit?
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