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  1. Many thanks. I’ve got the dates and Tunnel booked but not the route yet. This will be definitely sorted in the next couple of weeks and will keep you posted. Can you PM me you address or very nearby and I’ll see where that takes me. Cheers Ian 👍😁
  2. I’m also down there end of June. Doing France Belgium Germany Austria Switzerland and Italy. Done it several times before and always a great trip. Starts to get interesting in Southern Germany as the Alps come into sight. Lots of superb Passes to navigate. And whilst Switzerland is beautiful eating and drinking out is really pricey (only Country I went to on the last trip where I refused to tip as the cost of the food was so extortionate - mash potatoe and sausages X2 plus 1 beer and 1 G&T over £100) You will also need to purchase an Austrian and Swiss Vignette (Motorway sticker for the windscreen. Most Service stations sell them)
  3. Took the old girl out for a couple of hours this morning (not often the wife actually comes with me) There is a few years between these two.
  4. I was sure there would have already been a thread somewhere on this subject. Are the roads in the worst condition you’ve ever seen? Are they getting worse each year? Are the Councils/Local Authorities taking longer to repair them? I’m sure the answer to all the above is Yes Yes and Yes. We’ve all probably at some stage seen the results of tyre damage and cracked or broken alloys. Anyone who has tried making a claim may have got successful if they can be bothered with the long drawn out arduous form filling in, photos and emails. The attached picture was sent to me today from a mate of mine who attended an RTA near Bovey Tracey last night. This was a result of an older Fiesta hitting 2 very large pot holes on an unlit road after dark - axle ripped right off! Glad occupants were ok but I hope they can make a large claim against the local authority.
  5. I wish lol. Thank you good people. I need to get one for my elderly Fathers car. No idea how long he’ll still need a car for but it’s just sits on his drive not being driven. Might get a run every 2-3 weeks so battery won’t last without being charged. Don’t want to continuously keep jump starting it.
  6. Anyone use a trickle charger on an outdoor vehicle that is not garaged? Wondering how it works in ‘all weathers’ from a charging and safety point of view.
  7. I’ve literally just taken mine off after 6 hours this evening and can finally breathe out again. Mine goes on once a month and I literally dread it each time. I’ve got two options. Buy a bigger Tux or lose a couple of stone. ☹️ Also just booked up my next longish road trip. Euro tunnel out 22nd June. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy and come back a couple of weeks later.
  8. Morning Noon & Night at the moment. Yesterday I had a 4.30am alarm call. Picked up first pupil 5.30am for his 7am Test. Followed by a 90 minute lesson then two 120 minute lessons then another three 90 minute lessons - arrived home 9.30pm. I’ll definitely be around that area Friday so may well see a few early arrivals. SPECIAL NOTE TO ATTENDEES - You definitely don’t want to be heading towards me oncoming between 4pm-5.30pm Friday with who I will have next to me in the drivers seat! (I spend more time steering from the passenger seat more than she does) 😳😜
  9. Mine looks like Mikes ticket with bar code but haven’t noticed I’ve been sent any arrival and parking details. Was that on a separate email Mike? My ticket does say ‘show car’ including driver. so I’m assuming that’s inside then?
  10. Can I suggest a 8am meeting at Exeter Services for a 8.15am leave to arrive in Marsh Barton for 8.30am for anyone else want to arrive together.
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